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5 Ways Phonexa Can Increase Your Conversions

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5 minute read

It might be a shocker to some, but the truth of the matter is that the phone call is just as important today (or even more important) than it was before the internet exploded. Studies show that inbound calls are now 10-15 times more likely to convert than normal web leads. Despite the internet making way for a whole new level of digital marketing, phone calls still take the reign as the most effective way to draw in conversions.

BIA/Kelsey also reported that 61% of businesses rate their inbound calls as excellent leads, whereas only 52% of web leads were rated as excellent leads. What this essentially means is that people are still craving for direct interaction with your company, and such personal interactions are still resulting in high conversion and retention rates. The phone call cannot be ignored in this day and age.

If anything, you will be doing your business a world of good if you invest in your call experience. Here’s how our powerful call platform can increase your conversions and help take your business to where you want it to be.

Integrate Calls with All Channels

Since the phone call is such a powerful tool, Phonexa has made it possible to integrate the call across all of your channels. Even your clicks can now turn into calls. The beauty of click-to-call is that it enables customers to reach you directly with a tap of a finger, skipping the friction of the dial pad completely. Phonexa’s click-to-call feature can be incorporated into e-mail, display advertisements, search results, applications, and more.

Phonexa’s third-party API integrations are exceptional, to say the least. Wherever you desire our call platform to be present, we will rise to the occasion and take your business to the next level.

Optimize Your Promotional Campaigns

From display advertisements to email drip campaigns, there’s no limit to how you can leverage Phonexa’s top-notch capabilities to blow your competition out of the water.

Our advanced call tracking software reports detailed metrics from both inbound and outbound calls, so you’ll always be in the loop with how your campaigns are performing and know exactly how your calls are being handled.

Receive insights such as which keywords prompted your calls, which advertisements prompted your calls, where your callers are located, and other important metrics to help boost your promotional campaigns.

The best way to improve your campaigns is to gain better insight into your customer journey, and Phonexa’s powerful tools allow you to do just that.

Equip Affiliates with More Promotional Options

With Phonexa, you can encourage your Affiliates to drive more calls through click-to-call, and be confident that the call experience will be of high quality. Affiliates will be able to include click-to-call in all of their campaigns, such as in newsletters, search results, or even as a pop-up option on their landing page.

This will certainly increase your conversion rates because, as we mentioned, calls are much more effective than normal web leads. If your Affiliates can drive more calls through their online platforms, your conversion rates will almost definitely increase.

Personalize Your Conversations

Personalization is crucial to building a trusting relationship with your clients/customers. No one wants to be treated as if they are just like everyone else. Fortunately, Phonexa has pioneered multiple ways to personalize your conversations without spending more time and resources than you have to.

That’s right, our system was built to automate the personalization process – which might sound absurd or even impossible to some, but this is how we do it.

Through combining our state-of-the-art call tracking software with our advanced VoicePLUS voice recognition and Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), personalization can now be fully automated to ensure efficiency for both you and your customers.

Imagine yourself in the customer’s shoes. You pass by a billboard advertising something you currently need, so you give them a call. The ACD redirects your call to a local store or department, skipping the friction of being manually transferred by an agent.

Once you’ve reached the department, you’re greeted by a lively, human voice, giving you options to complete your inquiry with self-service or speak with a live agent.

Since your inquiry is small, you decide to use self-service and complete your signup within minutes. The end result is a happy customer, all due to the automated personalization of a robust and efficient system.

Boost Your Customer Service Reputation

Conversions typically happen only after a long process of nurturing an onboarding. Even if it doesn’t seem like customers have been nurtured for very long before they convert, the key principle to remember is that every business has a measure of influence.

People are watching and are paying attention to you, so if you’ve built a solid customer service reputation with Phonexa’s call technology, even new customers will know that your platform is trustworthy. Phonexa helps boost your customer service reputation from the ground up by giving you the outbound tools and metrics you need to optimize your customer service operations.

Curious to see how Phonexa performs for your specific industry? Take a look inside the platform, schedule a consultation!

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