Blog Monetizing Guide: How To Make Money From Blogging

13 minute read
13 minute read

Making money from a small business blog may seem like a straightforward process, but there’s more to it than just writing about a product or service and waiting for customers.

To start earning money from web content like affiliate marketing blogs, choosing the right niche and growing your audience is absolutely essential.

But wait…aren’t we getting ahead of ourselves? What is a blog, and how do you blog in the first place?

In the vast digital landscape, blogs are the beating heart of online communication, the core around which proper customer relationships can be built. Blogs are gateways to knowledge, creativity, and – for aspiring bloggers – livelihoods.

Technically, blogging involves creating and maintaining a website where you publish written content, multimedia, or a combination of both. In reality, though, it’s much more than that. For devoted bloggers, blogging is all about passion, dedication, inventiveness, and a full comprehension of their target audience.

Fortunately, you’ve come across this blog monetizing guide. Whether your blog is a platform for your hobbies, expertise, or creative expressions, you will learn how to unlock its full potential with this comprehensive read.

Meanwhile, let’s explore the dynamic landscape of bloggers in the United States, spanning the years from 2014 to 2020:

Source: Statista

The first and foremost advantage of working as a blogger is…blog monetizing. Affiliate marketing blog monetizing can earn you huge profits, whether you’re writing how-to articles, guides, or other popular blogs.

Blog monetizing involves a good niche selection, affiliate programs, and promotional strategies. If you already have a fine free blog website, a few adjustments may transform it into an effective affiliate marketing platform.


Whether you’re a blogger with years of experience or a beginner, welcome to the art and science of blog monetizing.

How To Start a Blog and Make Money

Do you know how to create a blog for free without a plan? Spill the beans if you do, because we don’t. Any blog monetizing attempt, big or small, starts with a plan.

Now, the gist of the plan is to provide clear step-by-step guidance into creating evergreen content that stands the test of time and generates new customers without or with only little tweaks. Such content may include:

  • A blog post
  • White papers
  • Case studies

Best blogs serve as a platform for sharing information, opinions, and experiences while promoting products and services. Whether you are an aspiring actress, a serious scientist, or an athlete, you can write blogs if you feel you have value to share.

Affiliate marketing stands out as one of the most profitable blog monetizing avenues, with countless affiliate marketing programs allowing you to generate revenue by promoting products or services.

Affiliate marketing bloggers can make money writing by collaborating with famous brands and earning commissions for every successful sale or lead. Likewise, they may leverage their expertise and build trust with their audience, increasing the likelihood of purchase.

Long story short, there are three main steps to kick things off with affiliate blogging:

  1. Selecting a niche and product you are knowledgeable about
  2. Choosing an affiliate program that satisfies your expectations
  3. Applying theory to practice while analyzing results and adjusting down the road


Effective blog monetizing needs a strategic approach, but the main ingredient to creating a free blog or affiliate blog website is your passion. The niche isn’t as important as your desire to share experience, value, and joy with the world.

That said, many affiliate blogs tap into the vast world of e-commerce for the unmatched profits the latter offers. Here are the top high-ticket affiliate marketing niches you might want to explore:

Source: Unlocking Revenue: What Are High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Niches?

Among other affiliate marketing niches are:

  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Online gaming
  • Accessories
  • Pet products
  • Eco-friendly products and organic foods
  • DIY guides

As a blogger, the very least you must do to start a blog for free is pinpoint a niche market and find high-value products to promote. It is key to remember that niche popularity may shift as market trends and user preferences change.

Here are some preferred blog content formats:

Source: Statista

The next step in starting a blog is to comprehend the needs of your target audience. You need to build authority, so it’s important to create high-quality content that directly connects with people, like how-to-articles or posts about news and trends.

Bloggers also need a solid SEO strategy to attract potential customers. Professional bloggers prioritize keyword research and on-page content optimization to drive website traffic.

When Is the Best Time To Start Making Money from Your Blog?

You need to wait until your traffic is consistent before considering blog monetizing. Common sense is key — when you see a steady flow of customers, it’s a good time to begin. On a similar note, some advertisers and affiliate networks may reject your application if your audience is not big enough.

For a speedy overview of creating a blog for affiliate marketing, take a look at this video:

Six Ways to Efficient Blog Monetizing

So, what is blog monetizing besides moneymaking? It is a great opportunity to turn your passion for writing into a revenue stream, monetizing your natural talent, unique experiences, expertise, and command over the subject.

You can’t monetize your blog overnight, but with the right methods and dedication, you have every chance to create a consistent income from your blog.

Speaking of the blog monetizing methods, you may need six of them.

Let’s discover them in detail.

1. Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing is a common way to generate income with blogs, a deal between businesses and individuals, where the company pays a commission to those who generate customers or sales through their marketing efforts.

Explore the average income for all affiliate marketing niches combined:

Source: Statista

Affiliate marketing is quite a profitable and popular example of blog monetizing, but you must work hard to succeed. One thing that may help you is social media, especially social media influencers. Famous bloggers bring in traffic and enhance brand awareness, often using social networks or email marketing.

How To Launch an Affiliate Marketing Blog To Earn Money From It


Here are the three steps to launch or upgrade affiliate marketers’ blogs:

  1. Explore relevant offers to select the best-matching niche and product.
  2. Select one or a few affiliate programs that resonate with you.
  3. Incorporate marketing strategies to improve your business: blogger SEO optimization, affiliate link tracking, user behavior tools, artificial intelligence, and social media ads.


The good news is that bloggers have the opportunity to work through established affiliate networks like Amazon Associates, so you don’t even have to do much to convert your blog into a money-making machine. Any popular affiliate marketing program includes customizable creatives, software, and other things to help you generate and convert more leads.

Here’s how Amazon grew over the decades:

Source: Statista

How To Launch an Affiliate Marketing Website To Earn Money From It

Albeit more complex than a blog, an affiliate marketing website is a great choice for aspiring and professional bloggers alike.

Check out the steps for creating affiliate blogger websites:

  1. Pick a niche: The most profitable niches nowadays are finance, insurance, and home services.
  2. Select website design: Common versions include personal blogs, business blogs, review sites, and price comparison web pages.
  3. Choose hosting and a domain: Whether a traditional or cloud hosting, the most well-known and memorable domain is “com.”
  4. Choose a website builder and plugins: You build a fully-fledged WordPress blog or a lightweight blog with a drag-and-drop affiliate website builder.
  5. Optimize and control: When a blog website is ready, you are responsible for ongoing content creation, affiliate link tracking, and partner management. Consider using affiliate management software to streamline your efforts and maximize your results.

2. Email Marketing Lists

Email marketing is indispensable for bloggers looking to boost their blogs with monetization. Well-thought-out email campaigns delivered to the right recipients at the right time can increase your traffic, conversions, and revenue.

The Major Benefits of Email Marketing for Blogging Sites


Precise targeting You can reach high-intent subscribers, who are more likely to take action.
Building relationships Email marketing through affiliates helps strengthen the connection with customers by providing valuable content, offers, and recommendations.
Automation Email campaigns can be scheduled in advance and triggered by specific user behaviors, so they receive the message at the right time.
Engagement Email subscribers are more engaged and likely to share your content on social media, improving your brand visibility.
Measurability Bloggers can track email campaign results in real-time and accurately calculate the return on investment.


To tap into the full spectrum of email marketing advantages, explore Phonexa’s E-Delivery, a powerful tool to enhance the performance of your email marketing campaigns through:

  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Behavioral segmentation
  • A/B email marketing automation
  • ESP integration
  • SMTP support
  • Efficient list-building, and more.


With E-Delivery, you can get insights into how different email delivery services affect your performance and reach audiences through email and SMS, adding personalization for better engagement.

But that’s not all. To keep your email list relevant at all times — a crucial component of your mail marketing success — you quality suppression list management and email cleansing, which are both incorporated into a unique Opt-Intel solution.

Among other things, Opt-Intel offers:

Opt-Intel helps you extract more value from your emails, enable efficient opt-out processing, and achieve robust data security.


3. Online Courses

The e-learning industry is becoming more popular among blogs for affiliate marketing as more people seek new skills in the ever-globalizing world.

The e-learning avenue of blog monetizing includes:

  • Webinars
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Advisory services
  • Coaching

Begin with creating a landing page on your affiliate marketing blog to offer coaching or consulting services and expand depending on what your audiences need. However, keep in mind that you must demonstrate significant expertise in your field for your practices to be considered ethical and, in some cases, legal.

4. Advertisements

Online advertising is an extremely popular blog monetizing method, with Google AdSense allowing an affiliate marketing blogger to earn money through on-site or social media promotions.

That said, paid ads require substantial organic traffic to be profitable, including providing newsworthy and viral content, implementing SEO optimization, and other rules. Alternatively, a blog creator can partner up with advertisers directly, charging a flat fee for running ads on their blog.

5. Sponsored Posts

It’s no secret that businesses pay famous blogs to create sponsored content. Sponsored posts can be effective when the blogger has a huge audience and at least some credibility. At the same time, smaller blogs might struggle to find decent offers.

If your affiliate blog is small, scrutinize all partnership offers you get. Remember, an instant buck is not worth risking your reputation. On the other hand, established affiliate blogs usually don’t have problems with affiliate marketing offers.

6. Selling Physical or Digital Products

Here are some of the physical products you can sell to online retailers:

  • Ebooks
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Templates
  • Checklists
  • Subscriptions

Affiliate marketing bloggers must select products that align with their business goals and audience’s needs. Likewise, you can explore marketplaces like Amazon Kindle and dedicated platforms like Sellfy and Podia. Selling on Etsy is also a worthwhile consideration.

Core Principles of Successful Blogging for Money

Whether you’re just starting or have been blogging for a while, there are five principles every blogger should follow when writing for money.

Here’s a quick instruction on how to start blogging and perform well:

  1. Focus: Choose a specific industry, niche, or topic you can consistently write about and get as much knowledge about it as possible. People return to a blog when it offers unique value and meets their needs.
  2. Quality: Your content must be well-written and supported by credible sources. Don’t compromise on quality if you’re serious about turning your blog into a profitable venture.
  3. Value: Invest the time to create comprehensive tutorials and informative posts with various media formats to help readers solve their problems. Value is the foundation of success in blogging for business, and it sets the stage for income generation.
  4. Engagement: Evaluate how interactive your content is. The more engagement you generate, the higher the likelihood of turning visitors into customers, your main blog monetizing objective.
  5. Authority: If you’re already an expert, a best-selling author, or have a substantial social media following, launching a blog can quickly drive traffic.

Start Making More Money with Your Blog Now

Blog monetizing is achievable with the right strategies and dedication. Explore options that align with your niche, audience, and expertise.

Whether you choose to sell digital products, physical products, or online courses, make sure to provide value to your readers while generating income for yourself. Explore all available blog monetizing options, ensuring they align with your business case.

Here’s what blog affiliate marketing can grant you:

  • Stable passive income
  • Scalability
  • Global reach
  • Low entry barrier
  • Diverse income sources

Remember, though, your blogging success hinges on a delicate balance of serving your audience’s needs while generating income for your business.

Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Blogging Potential With Phonexa

Affiliate marketing is trendy for promoting products and services. Phonexa offers effective automated affiliate marketing software to achieve impressive growth for businesses in various industries.

For only $100 per month, you can unlock access to:

  • LMS Sync — empowering lead management system
  • Call Logic — streamlined call tracking and analytics platform
  • Cloud PBX — trustworthy virtual phone system
  • Lynx — professional-grade click-tracking software
  • E-Delivery — potent email marketing tool
  • HitMetrix — uniquely insightful user behavior analytics and CRO software
  • Opt-Intel — effective email suppression list management solution
  • Books360 — versatile accounting software with integrated invoice generation



Improve your performance marketing and affiliate blog monetizing efforts with Phonexa’s comprehensive marketing software suite, or schedule a free online consultation to learn more about how Phonexa can elevate your blogging career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is blogging?
Blogging is the practice of creating and publishing content on a website. This website usually contains written articles to share specific information, opinions, or experiences with the audience.

What’s a blog?
A blog is a web page with experience-sharing, problem-solving, or promotional information, usually told as stories. Besides, a blog is a valuable instrument to target certain customers, including with the help of social media and influencers.

How to make a blog in 5 steps

  1. Choose a niche you’re passionate about
  2. Utilize a blogging platform such as WordPress or Blogger
  3. Choose your domain name and web hosting service
  4. Design your website or blog
  5. Create engaging content like blog posts, case studies, white papers, etc.


What is blog monetizing? 
Blog monetizing means earning income from a blog with various strategies.

Learning how to monetize a blog requires a few key methods:

  • Displaying advertisements
  • Promoting products or services directly on a blog
  • Offering sponsored content
  • Participating in affiliate marketing programs

The most effective way to make money blogging involves joining several affiliate marketing networks, which provide affiliate bloggers with everything they need to strike a chord with their readers.

What guidelines should be followed to monetize a blog?
To launch a money-making and attractive blog, please consider the following:

  1. Using just one source of income can be inefficient, so combine several affiliate marketing programs, campaigns, traffic sources, etc.
  2. Leverage email marketing campaigns for more efficient blog monetizing.
  3. Focus on quality and helpful content to foster trusting relationships and better engagement.
  4. Experiment and test your blog’s performance using analytics tools.
  5. Follow the industry trends and adapt to shifts in the digital landscape. Bloggers need to stay adaptable and evolve their blog monetizing strategies.
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