Earth Day 2019: What Phonexa Employees Love About Our Planet

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7 minute read

This April 22nd is Earth Day—an occasion first celebrated 49 years ago to raise environmental awareness at a time when many people didn’t consider the impact their daily routines might have on the natural world.

It is a day where we are asked to pay special attention to the planet we all share; to consider the importance of nature in our lives and what steps we can take to protect our world for current inhabitants and future generations. In order to make Earth Day a little more personal, we asked Phonexa employees to share some of their most treasured things to do and places to go in nature.

Phonexa Employees: “What We Love About Our Planet”

Nasser Aftab / Director of Business Development

I most enjoy hanging out on a beach with an ice cold drink. One of my favorite places to visit and do this is the Amalfi Coast in Italy. We talk a lot about fruity cocktails, swinging daybeds, and all the other frills that help make living by the coast so incredible. But the truth is, none of that would matter without our healthy and beautiful blue oceans—the ones that bring us unlimited joy, health, relief, calm, and some of our most treasured memories.

In honor of Earth Day, let’s all vow to take care of our oceans and beaches the same way they take care of us.

Tiara Garzarian / Director of Sales and Client Relations

I am a full-on hippie when I am not at work. To me, the mountains are the most beautiful and majestic aspects of our Earth.

I also am in love with trees of all kinds, but especially palm trees. That is why California is the perfect location for me to thrive. I can see the mountains and palm trees wherever I go, and there are wonderful hiking trails with epic views in every direction.

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Marina Moskalenko / Marketing Coordinator

My favorite place in nature is at the top of the isolated, dome-shaped granite formation known as Moro Rock in Sequoia National Park. Once you make your way up the 350-step rock-cut stairway, you are greeted with a panoramic view of the Great Western Divide’s peaks, the foothills, the wilderness, and the San Joaquin Valley as far as the eye can see.

I love sitting at the top of the rock, taking in the view, the fresh mountain breeze, and the feeling of being on top of the world. The only thing that would make this feeling better is if I climbed the face of Moro Rock to the top instead of taking the stairs because rock climbing is my favorite activity to do outdoors. There’s nothing like pushing yourself up the rock face of a wall. Using nothing but the strength in your hands and feet, you have to intensely focus on the challenge in front of you, allowing you to unwind from all the worries of my everyday life. Rock climbing truly combines my love of nature, physical activity, and spending time with friends. #GetYOKED

Elena Gallud / Director of Human Resources

I make it a point to visit nature as often as possible.  I love hiking trails that allow me to surround myself with beautiful greenery, flowers, and mountain views.  I like to balance it out with walks on the beach once in a while. My favorite hiking trail is the Mt. Wilson trailhead out of Sierra Madre, CA—I used to participate in their annual trail run.

I seek nature because it grounds me and keeps me connected to my truest essence.  I do something called “earthing,” where I plant my bare feet on soil, grass, or sand – I close my eyes, meditate, and express gratitude to our Universe for all the things, people, and experiences that I am fortunate to have. It’s a spiritual connection for me.

John Cody / Sr. Account Manager

I like hiking; my favorite place to hike is Solstice Canyon.  I like it because it’s in Malibu across from the ocean and the views and breeze are just awesome. I also like the history behind the location and visiting the ruins of the mansion that was once there. The waterfalls along the way are also beautiful and serene. It was burned pretty badly during the recent forest fires so I’m not sure what it looks now, but I’d like to go visit soon to see if it’s ready to be hiked again.

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Jon Green / Account Executive

When it comes to getting the most out of nature, I really cherish the opportunity to go hiking, especially in leafy Ferndell in Griffith Park. Going for even a short hike is really important to me: taking a moment and enjoying the splendor of nature always puts life in perspective.  Be grateful for every day!

Kristen Haines / Sales and Marketing Coordinator

One of my favorite experiences in nature is riding a motorcycle along the beautiful Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler in British Columbia.

There is nothing quite like an early morning motorcycle ride out of Vancouver in the fall. The morning fog hovers above the bay as the rising sun stretches her light across the metropolis. The air is crisp, clear and freshened by last evening’s rain.

Making your way out of the city, the road winds into Stanley Park, through a tunnel of pines and maples decorated in shades of reds, oranges, yellows, and greens. Proceeded by the Lion’s Gate Bridge, which in crossing beholds British Columbia in all her splendor. The tall northern pines are speckled with brick and mortar, and fading lights as the city awakes.

Leaning into the curvature of the road, up the Sea to Sky Highway, there is even a more beautiful sight to perceive. Green timbers dot the foreground of blanketed alpine peaks, while gently being reflected by the turquoise sea. Canadian geese make their way across the grey-blue sky to a southern home to be. Onward still, in mountainous glory, The Chief stands at 2,303 feet, acting as guardian of the northwestern lands and the halfway point to Whistler Way. Behind each passing curve is another scenic view, carefully etched by the hand of God.

Mark Kosin / Content Writer

Maybe it’s because I’m Midwest born-and-raised, but I love a good lake. From the mighty Great Lakes that sit like oceans on the prairie, to the many smaller ones that are splattered across Wisconsin and Minnesota, there’s something special about these inland pools of freshwater.

I don’t know if you’ve really experienced all that summer can be without spending a hot afternoon cooling off in a lake: jumping off a pier or lazing about on an inner tube. It teems to life during the day and becomes quiet and still overnight until the first sun breaks to welcome another day of water revelers.

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Raquel Rodriguez / Management Assistant

I enjoy nearly every activity that gets me in nature, but if I had to narrow it down to one, I would say my favorite is hiking. I love spending time at California destinations like Sequoia National Forest, Three Rivers, or Yosemite, but I also get excited to visit states like Washington or Oregon… anything to do with trees and water.

Although I am a city girl, nothing takes the nature-loving part of me away. I love animals, the sound of birds chirping, the sound of the waterfalls and streams along the way and most of all, the complete sense of calm. I know when I am going on a hike (never during sunny days however) that there is a destination and usually the destination is something beautiful and worth the hard work of hiking there. Not only do I know that hiking is beneficial for my health but more than anything it is beneficial for my soul.

I think it’s important to stay in touch with nature-related activities for many reasons: Time is slower, and you’re able to reduce anxiety and appreciate everything around you. It also helps you bond if you are accompanied by someone. Not long ago I traveled to Snoqualmie, Washington and took my children for a hike. There we had no phone service, computers, iPads, traffic, honking, or anything to make us feel stressed.  We were disconnected from the rest of the universe, and I must say, if I can repeat those moments I would over and over again. It was such a peaceful bonding moment with those two.

For those who want to contribute to conservation and environmental protection, is a charitable organization that works year-round to solve climate change, end plastic pollution, and protect endangered species.

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