How Does Lead Distribution Work?

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5 minute read

Lead distribution is an integral part of any business that depends on web and call leads because it can reduce consumer wait times while connecting leads to their optimal destination.

For a business, their best time to qualify a lead is when they respond in the first five minutes. After 10 minutes, a lead is 80% less likely to qualify. The need to make connections happen as fast as possible drives many professionals to turn to lead distribution software.

Lead Distribution vs. Lead Management

Any business that hopes to scale up and grow their revenue over time can extract tremendous value from either lead management software or lead distribution software.

If a business doesn’t use lead management, they risk not getting the most out of their lead generation efforts: over 30% of leads are never even contacted by a representative. When leads aren’t contacted it can be the result of not having effective lead management software.

In order to get in touch with leads quickly and make sure no lead is forgotten, businesses are encouraged to get the best lead management software available.

But how exactly does lead distribution work?

What features are available if your business utilizes lead management software?

Figuring out the answers to these questions can help you decide what the best lead bidding software is for your business.

How Does Lead Distribution Work?

The process of lead distribution begins with a company that generates leads. These leads can be collected using a variety of sources, such as prospects filling out web forms online or using a “click-to-call” button on a mobile device. Once the leads are collected, you can use lead management software to make sure you are keeping only qualified leads.

Once you have your qualified leads, you can use lead distribution software to connect those leads to the destination that is most likely to convert them. This might be an internal sales department, or a third-party company that acquires the leads for a specified price. In either case, it is imperative that the lead is delivered to the right place without delay.

In cases where a lead is distributed manually, a manager might examine a lead and assess its quality before deciding where the lead should be sent. This process is time-consuming and has a high potential for error.

In order to make sure leads are delivered quickly and correctly, lead distribution software utilizes automation that analyzes each lead and sends it to the appropriate destination. If you expect to have hundreds or thousands of leads coming in each day, using automation from lead distribution software is a necessity.

Automation is especially useful for businesses with marketing efforts and lead buyers across multiple states because lead distribution software will quickly be able to determine the appropriate geographic designation of every lead.

These practices save time and money while also allowing your business the opportunity to optimize your distribution operations, creating conditions for tremendous growth to occur.

Lead Management Software

Marketers must decide what the best lead management software is for their business. The ideal software will often include solutions for lead management and lead distribution. It is useful to know which features are available with top-tier lead management software.

1. Real-Time Distribution

Businesses can get leads to the right place quickly with real-time distribution. You can create custom configurations to make sure your leads are being allocated per your specifications.

Availability-based distribution will even redistribute a lead if there is a delay (usually of about 5 minutes) once they are connected with the original target. This ensures leads are still being qualified even if a representative is busy or unavailable.

2. Optimized Forms

Whatever unique information your business may need to gather via a web form, you can build it using an optimized form. Many businesses will A/B test their form fields or even the order of their fields to make them more effective. Having control over your forms lets you adjust a critical element of lead generation and fix any leaks in your lead gen funnel.

3. Filtering

An integral part of lead management and lead distribution, using lead filtering and applying restrictions gives your business a dependable way to maintain a high level of lead quality. This feature lets you take leads that only fit your unique preferences—making it so that only sales-ready, high-quality leads are distributed.

4. Lead Tracking

When you use lead management software you are also likely guaranteed the ability to perform lead tracking. With lead tracking, you get tremendous insight into how a lead passed through your sales funnel.

Lead tracking can tell you how a lead entered your system, what pages they have viewed, and critical demographic information like the lead’s age, gender, and geographic location. With all this information, your business will be best equipped to send the lead to the right place and eventually qualify and convert the lead into a sale.

5. Detailed Reports

The added benefit of using lead management software is access to detailed reports that focus on key performance indicators for your business. These reports can be generated at a moment’s notice and offer managers insight into how well their funnel is operating.

Reporting can be adjusted based on your immediate needs, so you can get a snapshot look at yesterday’s efforts or a comprehensive understanding of your lead management and distribution from over the past six months.

6. Predictive Modeling

While lead management software can tell you where your leads are going in real-time and how you have performed in the past, it also can provide a window into your future campaigns. With predictive modeling, you can get a perspective on how changes in your marketing strategies might affect campaign outcomes.

Predictive modeling takes data from past campaigns and plugs them into a model that uses analytical algorithms. You can then adjust certain marketing strategy variables to see the most likely outcomes of those changes.

The probable results are then displayed using easy-to-read graphs and charts so that you and your team are able to make data-driven decisions about future campaign strategies.

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