Increasing Your Conversions with Call Tracking

Conversions are just about the greatest indicator of your campaign success, so understanding what’s blocking your conversions and what’s enabling them to happen will help your business get ahead in the competitive marketplace. Here at Phonexa, we view conversions as gold, the marketplace as a mine filled with competitors, and call tracking as the ultimate mining tool. To be the first to get to the gold, you’ve got to have the best tool on the market. Without proper tools on your side, you risk losing out on the incredible advances you can make over the rest of your competition. This is how you can measure and increase your ‘gold’ with Phonexa’s advanced call tracking software:

Get to Know Your Audience Better

Advanced call tracking gives you detailed information on your callers to help you target your campaigns for greater future success. The core of producing higher conversions is knowing your customers inside and out, which only comes when you have the right tools to give you detailed insights.

Having a comprehensive outlook on your customers enables you to target your campaigns in a more effective way. Call tracking gives you all the caller details you need in order to acquire, onboard, and convert more customers.

Create a Smoother Customer Experience

With the details and insights mentioned, you can easily optimize your customer experience to encourage more conversions, repeat customers and an over better brand reputation. When call tracking is incorporated into your system, your callers will get to experience it firsthand the moment they dial in. If your business has multiple locations, call tracking can automatically redirect your calls to the nearest location to save callers from the inconvenience of a call transfer. If your calls are going to one place, call tracking can automatically route the call to the next available agent or to the agent that might best service the specific caller, based on your settings. These automatic filters and redirects mean that callers who have purchased before can be routed to more experienced agents, whereas first-time callers can be routed to the onboarding sales team. With call tracking, every caller can be serviced according to his or her needs, demographic and status in the sales process.

Optimize Your Campaigns

Finally, call tracking increases your conversions by helping you optimize your campaigns more effectively. Without a proper ROI attribution software, you won’t have the information you need to make data-informed changes to your existing campaigns. Even the best optimizations without call tracking is a shot in the dark, at best. Skip the guesswork and invest in the solution for your future campaign optimizations.

There’s no doubt that call tracking can boost your marketing efforts if you incorporate it into your workflow today. This tool makes the customer acquisition process look like a cinch. From the way call tracking enhances your customer service to the up-to-the-minute reports, you truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain with this advanced marketing software. Click here to schedule a free live demo of the call tracking software today.

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