6 Insurance Marketing Tips for this Summer

Mark Kosin
3 minute read
Mark Kosin
3 minute read

Summer is a magical time filled with barbecues, long days outside, trips to the beach, and a general sense of being free of responsibilities. Ambitious insurance marketers and insurance agents may be enjoying the sunshine and a vacation or two, but they’re also likely focused on growing their business and generating leads in what is often seen as a “down time” in insurance sales.

If other insurance agents are snoozing on a beach somewhere, that gives you even more incentive to get after it and extract the most marketing potential out of these slow-moving months. So, what does it take to squeeze the opportunity out of summer like it’s the last lemon going into a fresh pitcher of lemonade?

Below are six insurance marketing tips that can help make you and your team the kings of summer.

1. Perform Some Site Maintenance

If you are expecting to see a drop in business over the summer months, then it might be the perfect time to work on your website. Take steps to make sure that your site is optimized and downloads quickly on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. A slow-downloading site is one of the fastest ways to turn customers away. It’s a simple process to test your speed and it can have a major impact on your ability to convert.

2. Experiment with a Simplified Marketing Message

It’s no secret that insurance can seem complicated and overwhelming to the average consumer. Over the summer, you may face prospects with even less patience for nuance than usual. Rather than fight it, use this time as a laboratory for simplifying your message. Maybe that means limiting the number of choices a visitor to your site must make when they first when they’re exploring plans. You could also try out new marketing materials that use simpler language. Look at this time as an opportunity to change up your usual strategy.

3. Have Fun with Seasonal Marketing

Around this time of year, people want to think about summer fun even when they’re stuck in an office—so use that to your advantage. Local agents can drum up some interest by hosting an “ice cream day” in their office or putting their logos on Frisbees or beach balls. If you’re generating leads from multiple states, maybe send out an email newsletter filled with summer road trip tips and suggestions; then casually mention how they could put even more money into their vacation by lowering their auto insurance rates.

4. Get Involved in Your Community

Local agents can go farther over the summer and take advantage of the many street festivals and community events that tend to populate the weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day. See if your neighborhood is having an outdoor street fest or regular farmer’s markets and get your name out there as a sponsor.

Independence Day will invariably bring about some local parade or celebration—what could be better than having your insurance office associated with delicious burgers or a spectacular fireworks show?

5. Fish for Positive Reviews

If you’re having difficulty getting the attention of new customers during the summer, it might be a great opportunity to connect with current customers and ask them to write you a review on Yelp, Google My Business, or other review sites. A friendly reminder email, perhaps a check in on their summer plans, could include a link to your listing online with a request for a review.  Positive reviews will help your business in many ways so it’s smart to use the summer as a time to cast your line and see if you can reel in a few kind words from happy customers.

6. Know Your Attribution

It is clear you have to get creative during the summer months to drum up business. When you’re trying out different strategies, you should know which marketing efforts are producing the most results. To figure out your marketing attribution, it’s incredibly valuable to use call tracking software. Using different phone numbers can tell you if your summertime Facebook ads drove anyone to “click-to-call” or if those free notebooks you gave away at the street festival prompted any follow-up dialing.

You don’t want to get too stressed out if you hit a summer lull. But taking just a few extra steps can make the most out of the “dog days” of the season and put you in a better position to hit your goals by the time fall comes around.

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