Mark Kosin

Mark Kosin was a Content Writer at Phonexa, covering topics such as SaaS technology, call tracking, lead generation, and digital marketing.

Why Insurance Companies Need Call Tracking Software
Calls are vital to the insurance industry. Find out exactly how call tracking software can be an indispensable tool.
18 minute read
2022: The Marketing and Compliance Road Ahead
What can be expected in the year ahead regarding compliance and marketing? Take a look at how 2022 is poised to be a year of...
6 minute read
How to Prepare Your Inbound Calls for Conversions
Inbound calls are incredibly valuable. You can manage your prospects and optimize your efforts with call tracking and call...
16 minute read
Phonexa Ping Post Calls Offer Transparency and Strategic Spending
The future is here with Ping Post Calls from Phonexa—learn more about this feature that helps buyers and publishers get more out...
5 minute read
What Is Lead Management and Why Is It Important?
Marketing is like a puzzle: it takes a lot of interconnected pieces to fit together just right.
28 minute read
What to Know About Open Enrollment 2021
Open Enrollment 2021 promises to be unlike any other year. Here are what insurance marketers need to know during this critical...
6 minute read
What is Lead Routing: Definition, Value & Solution
Lead routing is a key process for any performance marketer. It’s helpful to define lead routing and see how it relates to lead...
8 minute read
The 6 Ways You Can Improve Lead Quality
Finding the perfect formula for getting more quality leads shouldn’t be a game of chance. There are reliable steps and tools that...
7 minute read
Why Email Deliverability Matters and How You Can Improve It
Learn why deliverability may be the most important email marketing metric you aren’t tracking.
8 minute read
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