Mark Kosin

Mark Kosin was a Content Writer at Phonexa, covering topics such as SaaS technology, call tracking, lead generation, and digital marketing.

Top Things Insurance Companies Need to Consider - Phonexa

Top 5 Things Insurance Companies Need to Consider in 2021

Familiarize yourself with some of the key concerns for insurance businesses and marketers in 2020.

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cloud pbx

Phonexa Ping Post Calls Offer Transparency and Strategic Spending

The future is here with Ping Post Calls from Phonexa—learn more about this feature that helps buyers and publishers get more out of their inbound calls.

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Best Email Marketing Strategy 2020

10 Best Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business In 2021

Email marketing is one of the best tools for fueling growth and converting more leads. Here are some of our best tips.

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call tracking

The Definitive Guide to Call Tracking: How It Works & What Is Its Impact

While many different factors can come into play, the truth is that call tracking can bring results for businesses at different stages across a variety of industries.

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analytics scaled

What Is Lead Management and Why Is It Important?

Marketing is like a puzzle: it takes a lot of interconnected pieces to fit together just right.

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2021: The Marketing and Compliance Road Ahead

What can be expected in the year ahead regarding compliance and marketing? Take a look at how 2021 is poised to be a year of change.

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7 Benefits of a Lead Management System

7 Benefits of a Lead Management Platform

Leads are essential to the health of your business. Track and distribute them effectively with a Lead Management Solution.

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Open Enrollment Cover

What to Know About Open Enrollment 2021

Open Enrollment 2021 promises to be unlike any other year. Here are what insurance marketers need to know during this critical time.

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Insurance Companies Improve Marketing Data Analytics

How Insurance Companies Can Find Success with Data Analytics

Learn how insurance companies have the power to use data to create long-term growth.

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Apple IDFA tracking

IDFA Tracking: How Apple’s Decision Impacts Mobile Marketers

Apple has effectively killed IDFA tracking for mobile apps. How will this decision impact mobile marketers—and do marketers who use call tracking need to worry?

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what is lead routing

What is Lead Routing: Definition, Value & Solution

Lead routing is a key process for any performance marketer. It’s helpful to define lead routing and see how it relates to lead distribution software.

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The 6 Ways You Can Improve Lead Quality

The 6 Ways You Can Improve Lead Quality

Finding the perfect formula for getting more quality leads shouldn’t be a game of chance. There are reliable steps and tools that can help you up your lead quality.

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