Why Call Tracking Is Essential For Effective Marketing Analytics

Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
4 minute read
Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead
4 minute read

When it comes to investing in martech, brands allocate 26% of their marketing budget even during uncertain times – that includes both the must-have and nice-to-have martech.

While the distinction between the two might seem obvious, quickly changing consumer behavior and the influx of customer communications have reshaped even some of the most optional functionality capabilities. In some cases, it’s even lined up with core martech like web analytics, CRM, and call tracking.

It’s no secret that the ability of an enterprise to navigate the marketing technology landscape depends on several factors, including a cohesive stack. Sure, there’s no denying that it’s crucial to have all the necessary tech in place. But that is especially true of brands that spend even a minor portion of their budget driving sales calls. What they ultimately need is an effective call tracking tool.

Here’s why utilizing a call tracking marketing solution is critical to revenue growth and the scalability of your business.

Understanding The Importance Of Call Tracking

Today, consumers have higher expectations and increasingly high standards for client service and support. That’s one of the reasons why brands tend to take an omnichannel approach to CX. This way, they can consolidate data from numerous channels, including emails, live chats, and phone conversations.

Businesses require all the essential customer data to fine-tune a buying journey and customize CTAs. With call tracking, enterprises can get closed-loop attribution, obtain critical data, create caller profiles, and much more. In other words, it offers them an opportunity to see the full picture.

On top of that, call tracking helps marketing experts to identify which campaigns generate the most calls, keep an eye on specific initiatives through dynamic phone numbers, and assess the current and future marketing capabilities of the company.

As mentioned before, evaluation of cross-channel performance is crucial for any enterprise. That’s why it’s not uncommon for businesses to look for platforms or software that can help them answer fundamental questions. Here are some of them:

  • Which ads prompt most of the calls?
  • Can I identify the keywords that bring more leads and trigger more calls?
  • How effective are my landing pages?
  • Which campaigns have the best ROI?

Today, measuring your marketing impact is essential to the viability of your organization.

Phonexa’s call tracking software in Call Logic does precisely that. For instance, brands often use keyword tracking to assess campaign performance on the keyword level. This way, they can figure out which conversion keywords bring in their prospects and fine-tune their funnel.

One of the many fundamental components of call tracking software is multi-channel attribution. Here’s why it’s crucial for any business:

  • It has game-changing potential that can reshape a multi-channel strategy
  • It enables enterprises to track calls automatically and pinpoint lead sources
  • It allows tapping into the needs of clients and predicting behavior

Ultimately, a call tracking software is a surefire way to identify all the contact points and manage the customer lifecycle.

Tapping Into Reporting and Analytics Capabilities

Like any modern business, you’ve probably considered developing a tracking plan. But let’s be fair: any actionable plan incorporates real-time reporting and analytics. Without it, your company is probably doomed.

Advanced reporting and analytics features often come with call management software. It enables brands to assess all the captured information, maximize the use and value of obtained data, and speed up its analysis. This way, enterprises can perform a thorough analysis for all the traffic sources, trends, call volumes, keywords, and approaches.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits these features offer.

Reporting and Analytics

Keep Your Company In The Loop

Real-time reporting allows keeping track of every call that comes in by showing the duration, hang-ups, missed calls, CR, CTR, and much more. In a nutshell, it lets you assess the efficacy of calls as part of the customer conversion path.

Make Educated Decisions

With detailed information on campaign performance, enterprises can pinpoint its weak spots, identify which campaigns are hitting their marks, effortlessly pull their ads, or make adjustments on the fly.

Salvage The Lost Leads

Businesses need information about the prospects that didn’t convert. These features help to measure and evaluate customer acquisition costs, as well as perform successful lead scoring on inbound call leads.

Boost The Trust Of Your Clients

Brands can’t afford to turn a blind eye to how their clients respond to their services, support, or ads. With real-time reporting and analytics, brands can leverage in-depth insights into the launched campaigns and every conversion that takes place. Ultimately, these features allow brands to reflect on CX and enhance client trust.

Best Practices Of Leveraging Call Tracking

It’s imperative that marketing experts have access to full information on missed opportunities, generated conversions, and customer behavior. Integrating solutions like call tracking makes it possible to combine offline and online initiatives, assign phone numbers to individual campaigns, and attribute every call and conversion.

Whether you’re in the insurance, solar, legal, or home services industry, integrating call tracking can significantly empower your enterprise. Here’s how:

  • Tracking calls can help you build a first-class support team and improve CX
  • Utilizing IVRs and surveys can help you collect crucial data and gain insights into customer behavior
  • You can keep clients engaged by customizing their call experience
  • Real-time reporting makes it possible to implement intelligent call routing and boost CR
  • Utilizing AI-powered IVRs, chatbots, and allowing clients to communicate with company reps guarantees high customer satisfaction and retention rates
  • It can help you pinpoint missed opportunities and make sure that you optimize the use and allocation of the available resources

Learn how to craft informed strategies and elevate the experience of your clients via call tracking by scheduling a consultation with one of Phonexa’s experts.

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Victoria Berezhetska
Content Lead

Victoria Berezhetska is a Content Lead at Phonexa. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with extensive working experience as a PR specialist and content writer. In her work at Phonexa, she covers diverse topics around digital marketing, including affiliate marketing, call tracking, lead generation, marketing automation, and so much more.

Education: City University of Seattle

Expertise: Affiliate marketing, digital marketing, call tracking, lead generation, insurance


  • 8+ years of experience in digital marketing, specializing in building customer loyalty

  • Deep B2B and B2C content expertise intertwined with strong analytical and interpersonal skills

  • Unwavering drive for growth and commitment to creating impactful content

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