Say hello to Phonexa's proprietary voice recognition feature.


Phonexa's advanced filtration system gives you the tools to decide how each incoming call should be handled. You have the option to set restrictions, create and edit filters, and route calls based on these selected filters. If the filter you want isn't there, we will gladly create it for you. You can also direct calls with specific phone numbers to land in certain states. Our filtration system prioritizes the details, giving you the power to be as particular as you'd like with how to manage your calls.

  • Can be applied to all call campaigns
  • Allows you to create and customize filters
  • Distinguishes callers based on filters
  • Connects with ACD to route calls
  • Routes calls based on set filters
  • Allows your external network to set filters

Increases Accuracy

Phonexa's VoicePLUS is a self-learning artificial intelligence that continuously makes adjustments to improve its accuracy over time. With its wide vocabulary range and multi-lingual capabilities, VoicePLUS is proven to be even more accurate at understanding and recording speech than human agents.

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