Kira Remy

Inbound Call Impact During COVID-19
COVID-19 inevitably has led to an increase in inbound calls. Your business should know the true impact in order to make the...
2 minute read
What is Predictive Modeling?
With certain advanced lead generation software and management systems, marketers are able to utilize predictive modeling to...
2 minute read
What Are the Benefits of Google Call Tracking?
We’ve broken it down to the basics and beneficial ways in which Google Ads and call tracking can best support your business.
4 minute read
How to Increase Clicks With Great Email Subject Lines
What is the key to having all of your efforts work exactly the way they’re supposed to? We’ve outlined a few successful...
4 minute read
6 Reasons Insurance Companies Need Call Analytics
Marketers use call analytics to better understand which of their efforts are driving the most business, while sales/customer...
3 minute read
Content Marketing Spotlight: How Do I Write a Blog Post?
While content can exist in many different forms, we thought it would be most valuable to first outline one of the most...
4 minute read
5 Ways Insurance Companies Can Market To Millennials
Now is the time for insurers to target the Millennial generation. Here are a few ways insurance marketers can improve their...
4 minute read
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