What Are the Benefits of Google Call Tracking?

Kira Remy
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Kira Remy
4 minute read

Knowing how to utilize the right tools to be able to grow your business is important for many in the lead generation space. Call tracking is one way marketers are empowered by their campaigns to make informed decisions about the future. 

More specifically, call tracking software that integrates with Google Ads allows marketers to drill down to the core of their marketing efforts and better understand the breakdown of successful advertising. 

In order to make an informed decision if call tracking software is right for you, we’ve outlined the basics and beneficial ways in which Google Ads and call tracking together can best support your business.

A Brief ‘How-To’

The first step in experiencing the meaningful advantages of call tracking is to establish a relationship with Google My Business. This allows you to create a unique profile and advertise your business on Google, but most importantly it will allow you to begin using Google Ads where you can create forwarding numbers and call extensions. 

Google Ads provides various analytics that help you understand the exact origin of your call leads. But why stop there? Combining your Google Ads efforts with certain call tracking tools will open a whole new window of opportunity and insights that you may not have known before. 

The Benefits of Google Ads and Call Tracking Software

Extend Your Reach

Google Ads is sure to increase your visibility in more ways than just sheer web presence. When paired with call tracking software, Google ads will open the door to understanding your call leads, advertising performance, mobile adaptability, and much more. Gain a clear picture of who your business is reaching online, and understand which marketing efforts are the best at targeting that specific demographic. With that knowledge, you are able to pivot your business choices to encompass all angles of the lead generation process. 

The power of SEO is no secret to marketers and lead generators. From blog posts to captivating PPC ads, keywords are at the forefront of most marketing endeavors. With Google Ads, your listing is guaranteed to appear at the top of the search page and give you instant visibility. While this benefit will surely help to drive calls, pairing it with call tracking software will optimize your results. 

Knowing which keywords lead to the most conversions through additional insights will allow you to not only tailor your listings with Google, but also unify your marketing messages and SEO throughout all of your marketing campaigns. 

Calls to Conversions 

As mentioned above, Google Ads provides the ability to create call forwarding numbers and also provides a mobile-friendly version called Click-To-Call. Similar to the way PPC ads operate, Google Ads allows you to see which of your forwarding numbers or Click-To-Call placements are generating the most call leads in real-time. 

This effort can even be taken a step further by associating your forwarding numbers with certain ads or posts. Doing so can show you exactly which calls are coming from paid advertisements and which are from organic search results. 

Having a refined understanding of how well certain marketing efforts are working will allow you to identify what actually leads to calls, and ultimately help you spend your time more efficiently. 

Knowing Your Audience

Google Ads and call tracking allow you to gather important data from inbound calls. In fact, some advanced call tracking software will record calls as well. From call duration and the caller’s phone number to the geographic location of where the call was placed, granular insights are important in not only understanding your marketing efforts but also in having a deeper look into the decision-making process of your target audience. 

Studies have shown that consumers are four times more likely to call (or answer) a phone number with a local area code. With Google Ads call forwarding and click to call campaign options, you can truly put that study to the test. Additionally, utilizing call tracking software will allow you to get a birds-eye view of how buyers are responding to certain shifts in your business process, like using specialty numbers. 

Having access to data allows you to track pay-per-call performance and customer details that then lead to informed decisions based on detailed customer behavior. Understanding exactly what guides a customer to make a call helps to optimize your lead campaigns.

Better Business Management 

Just as important as identifying positive trends and audience behavior, understanding your shortcomings as a business will help for growth and impactful change. For example, if call analytics show a high volume of calls in evening hours, making a simple adaptation in rearranging your business hours to better serve your target audience would make a large impact. 

Call tracking gives you a closer look at the way your business operates and adjustments that could be made in order to maximize your ROI. Reviewing analytics could potentially show gaps in performance, such as short call duration or call recordings that uncover unsatisfactory customer service.

In short, Google Ads and call tracking targets leads and empowers you to make business-minded decisions that optimize your marketing campaigns. Find out how Phonexa’s Call Logic can help with all of your call tracking needs today! 

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