6 Common Myths About Call Tracking

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4 minute read

Without putting too much thought into it, many marketers fall into these false mindsets that actually harm their productivity in the long run. Marketing technology, especially call tracking, remains a must-have for businesses around the world. Since the smartphone has dominated the media and taken over the advertising world, call tracking has become one of the top marketing technologies to date. Get yourself acquainted with these myths so that you can avoid them at all costs!

Call Tracking Myth #1: The Phone Call Doesn’t Matter

This myth could not be any more wrong. In fact, the phone call is perhaps the most important part of your customer journey. Studies show that phone calls convert 10-15 times more than normal web leads. That speaks volumes on the importance of integrating memorable phone numbers into your online and offline advertisements. A simple URL or redirect just won’t do the trick on its own. Even if you’re receiving decent web traffic, you still wouldn’t be tapping into your highest earning potentials if you leave out the phone call. This is where call tracking comes in.

Call tracking shows you just how lucrative your calls can be by tracking and scoring your calls. With the reports you’ll receive, you’ll make even better optimizations on your advertisements than before.

Call Tracking Myth #2: Digital Advertisements Don’t Need Call Tracking

Digital advertisements are the crux of modern marketing because the entire developed world is online. Chances are, you targeted audience demographic is online, too. The best way to reach out to them is by making it easy for them to contact you. How? We have to start thinking about the platform that they’re using to browse online. Google has released the numbers and it’s official: there are now more mobile searches than there are desktop searches. This means that people are most likely already be using their phones when they find your online advertisement. Why not make it easier for them to call you by incorporating a click-to-call button on your marketing content? In the same way that phone calls are important to both online and offline companies, so is call tracking.

Call Tracking Myth #3: It’s Unnecessary for My Company Size

Call tracking will offer an incredible amount of value regardless of the current size of your company. Phonexa’s entire call tracking and analytics platform were designed to grow with your business. Everything will be tailored to fit your current business model and gradually take it to the next level. It’s a better idea to invest in a call tracking platform earlier in your business timeline so that you will be able to strengthen your customer service with data-driven results earlier in the game. By the time your business grows from 5-10 employees to over 100 employees, you will have the training and experience you need to keep expanding healthily.

Call Tracking Myth #4: It’s Unnecessary for My Industry

It’s understandable how some companies still choose to operate via brick and mortar shops, but the reality is that almost every industry has moved into the digital space. Digital marketing is a whole lot easier to track and attribute ROI because of the clear footprints that your web leads leave behind. The great news, is, however, call tracking is applicable to both online and offline advertisements. Although our software also tracks and scores web leads, it specializes in analyzing and scoring your call leads. As a result, your customer journey will be tracked in detail from the moment your leads spot the advertisement to the moment when the sale closes. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what platform you’re using. You need empirical data to help you make informed optimizations, and call tracking can help you with just that.

Call Tracking Myth #5: It’s Too Expensive

Such a comprehensive and advanced solution must cost thousands per month, right? That actually couldn’t be further from the truth. The cost of Phonexa’s premier call tracking software is extremely affordable for companies of all sizes. Our pricing model is such that you only pay for the features that you use. If you don’t want to use every feature in our system, you aren’t forced to pay for them. There are also no setup and maintenance fees. Once your system is installed, you will only pay for the services that you signed up for – nothing more.

Call Tracking Myth #6: It Doesn’t Generate a Direct Return

It’s difficult to make an immediate decision when you’re investing in things that don’t give you an instant return in your investments, but call tracking is not one of them. You will reap your investments immediately after incorporating call tracking into your existing business process. The customer data that you will receive alone will help you to personalize your calls in ways that weren’t possible before. Once your campaign results come in, you’ll have the data you need to make the most relevant corrections and optimizations.

Call tracking was created to grow your company from where it is now to where you want it to be. The only things stopping you from investing in this necessary platform are the myths and misunderstandings that we stated above. Don’t allow these falsehoods to get in the way of growing your business. Sign up for call tracking and analytics today.

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