How AI Can Improve Your Calls and Increase Your Sales

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3 minute read

Our generation has been raised with the convenience of having advanced technological aid; namely, AI (artificial intelligence). What was once the stuff of sci-fi thrillers in Hollywood is now ingrained in our everyday lives. Indeed, before we even knew it, our own children have been exposed to the convenience of AI. Even email spam filters, mobile check deposits, and Facebook’s facial recognition involve some level of AI programming. In contrast to the unfounded fear of AI as portrayed by old films and other fictional works, it can and has greatly benefitted society. It’s actually become so commonplace that we barely recognize these services as being fueled by AI technology.

But did you know that you can use AI to improve your business drastically, without having to spend an arm and a leg? SaaS companies, such as Phonexa, offer top-tier call tracking and voice recognition at an affordable rate in order to help move the marketing world forward. Marketing technology isn’t just a nice-to-have in this age; it’s an absolute must-have. Here’s why:

Call Tracking Gives You Customer and Marketing Insights

Whether you need to understand your callers more or make targeted adjustments to your ad campaigns, call tracking gives you the insight you need to make those optimizations. It’s crucial for a company to have a firm understanding of its intended audience, such as where they’re located, what advertisements work best for them, what their phone numbers are, as well as their age, ethnicity, and other valuable demographics. Every campaign would be a shot in the dark if you didn’t have detailed information on your targeted audience. Call tracking automates this tracking process and reports it to you in real-time so you’ll always know your callers like the back of your hand, along with the advertisements that spurred their calls.

Call Tracking Speeds Up the Call

Not only does call tracking give you the information you need to make effective optimizations, it also increases the efficiency of your calls. In conjunction with the Automatic Call Distributor, call tracking routes your calls based on customer demographic. That means if you have multiple locations, your callers will automatically be routed to the location nearest to them. This skips the extra step of speaking to an agent and having to wait while the call is transferring. This unique feature enhances the customer journey and encourages callers to keep returning to your business in the future.

Voice Recognition Personalizes the Call

In addition to our advanced call tracking and analytics, Phonexa’s leading voice recognition system, VoicePLUS, improves the flow of your conversations and personalizes the call for a better customer service experience. VoicePLUS is incredibly intelligent, in that it understands a variety of different accents and caters to a wide range of callers with its multi-lingual capabilities. Not only that, but VoicePLUS offers these options based on customer demographic. Let’s say that your caller is calling from a predominantly Hispanic region. Call tracking will work with VoicePLUS to give that caller the option to speak in Spanish or request for a translator when speaking to an agent. VoicePLUS also offers the convenient feature of self-service, allowing callers to resolve their own issues quickly and effortlessly, without the need to speak to an agent.

Voice Recognition Increases Customer Retention

Moreover, because VoicePLUS is so intuitive and focused on the details of the conversation, your customer retention rates will naturally start to increase. At the end of the day, people just want to get their issues resolved quickly while being treated kindly by their customer support. VoicePLUS is equipped with a natural human voice to put the caller at ease, while its self-service and multi-lingual capabilities cater to the caller’s needs. When the exchange goes by smoothly, customers will be more inclined to contact your business again.

To truly make the most of this modern call technology, we recommend that you speak with our specialist today to see how Phonexa’s flexible technology can take your campaigns to the next level. Our experts will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current campaigns and work with you to improve them. Your bottom line is our top priority, so schedule a consultation !

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