How to Turn Rejected Leads into Opportunity

Nasser Aftab
2 minute read
Nasser Aftab
2 minute read

Imagine a world in which all opportunities were of equal value and no lead was left unturned. Rather than consumers being declined for a certain service or necessity, they are instead presented with another option that ultimately ties back to the company at hand receiving revenue for those leads. 

Exit offers are designed to facilitate a customer journey that ends in an exit path offer that may fit the consumers’ needs rather than receiving a declination response. This aids in helping a brand find a solution for consumers while creating a new monetization bucket for revenue earned.

In the following context, we’ll discuss this unique capability of Phonexa’s lead management software and how it can ultimately help your business monetize your rejected leads. 

Why this Feature is Important

The past year has come with the closure of brick and mortar stores and left consumers no choice but to spend more time online browsing, thus creating infinite possibilities and opportunities for lead generation. It’s important for marketers to understand exactly how your leads are being generated during this time and how to identify opportunities to make the most out of the changes happening within the marketplace. 

Connecting consumers with their desired outcome is ultimately your end-goal whether you are monetizing your declined leads or not. Likewise, finding space for leads that may have fallen through the cracks or did not fit your business is an (often overlooked) opportunity for capital. 

Phonexa’s lead management and distribution system, LMS SYNC, allows marketers to generate revenue on leads that they aren’t interested in underwriting. Through a fully integrated tech stack and multi-faceted approach towards lead distribution, Phonexa helps businesses generate revenue on otherwise lost leads and empowers internal teams to have more visibility over their marketing strategies. 

Key Takeaways 

Lead management systems allow you to be proactive with your business and verify sources immediately which is a key part in growing any business, especially those in the home services sector. Gaining insights into your lead sourcing and customer journey is essential and necessary. Having homeowner data at your fingertips saves time and swings the door to opportunity wide open. 


Integrating Phonexa’s lead management and distribution solution to power  your current lead generation ecosystem will take your marketing initiatives to the next level. Additionally, capitalizing on customer journeys that may result in exit path offers creates revenue for a lead sold where it would otherwise be lost. This nuanced consumer journey approach will expand your audience pool’s user experience and appreciation for your brand. 

How it Works

The solution is fairly simple, and the specific feature can be used in all industry verticals as well. Take an auto insurance carrier for example: While their captivating advertisements attract a lot of visitors to their website, many of the leads who inquire about their auto insurance services don’t seem to match their specific lending criteria. However, with the help of Phonexa’s exit lead feature and lead distribution solution, they are able to match the consumers that happen to be unqualified for their business with another insurance carrier’s offers for products like home, life, and health insurances. In short, when a consumer isn’t an ideal match for one partner, the exit offer can result in matching them with a tangible premium or an agency that may help with further qualification. 

To learn more about Phonexa’s exit lead journey, or better understand how our solutions can serve your home services business, contact us today!

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Nasser Aftab
Nasser Aftab was the Chief Revenue Officer of Phonexa.
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