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Mark Kosin
3 minute read
Mark Kosin
3 minute read

There’s nothing like finding a way to supercharge your day. Many utilize coffee in the early hours to give their morning a quick jolt to get going. In fact, reports have shown that even the smell of a fresh pot brewing can get your brain to be more active and “wake up.” If just a whiff of coffee can stimulate your brain and help you focus, how can you do the same for your company’s productivity?

Preeminent business management institute Six Sigma shares some insight: “A company can increase its own business productivity by making suitable changes in its business process and policies in order to improve the weak areas and capitalize on strengths for betterment.” The challenge of any business then becomes determining how to make those changes in your business process.

For any business, the utilization of an all-in-one cloud-based marketing platform could be the change—or give you the insight—that you need to supercharge your productivity. Like the perfect blend of roasted coffee beans, a comprehensive business marketing platform can be finely tuned to suit your tastes and needs. The different features available are all extremely helpful in giving your productivity a boost.

Optimized Campaigns

Six Sigma suggests finding areas of your business that could use improvement and seek out your strengths so you can capitalize on them. Few tools will give you the ability to do that quite like an all-in-one marketing platform with call tracking software and analytics.

Call tracking gives you the ability to pinpoint who is calling you, letting you know a consumer’s geographic location and demographics. This service also tells you which marketing campaign took a consumer from click to call. Then, with call analytics, you can get extensive reports and view dynamic graphics that let you see the data and share it with your team.

A/B Testing

It can be a process to brew the perfect cup of coffee, especially if you’re trying out a new coffee machine. Similarly, determining that perfect marketing message can be a challenge. But while trying to make two pots of coffee at the same time with different variables sounds like a chore that could make a big mess, testing two different marketing messages is easy with an all-in-one platform.

Email marketing as part of an all-in-one platform will allow you to do A/B testing with campaign analytics. This lets you test two different messages simultaneously. You can test them in different locations or test both messages in the same geographic area: you’ll be able to track your findings either way. When you know which message is doing a better job connecting with consumers, you’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments and streamline your marketing process.

Personalized Marketing

Utilizing an integrated call platform, you have the ability to completely customize the voice systems that interact with callers using Interactive Voice Response. This lets you set up specific responses depending on where someone is calling from, what language they speak, or what marketing campaign they interacted with.

By personalizing the caller’s experience, you have complete control over the customer’s journey. This ensures that every caller feels welcomed and personally attended to by your business. Plus, with call analytics, you’ll be able to get reports to know exactly how consumers respond to the personalized experience you’ve created. This allows you to know what changes you may need to make instantly—keeping you campaign running smoothly and your business productive.

Perfectly Simple Displays

When it comes to morning caffeine, many enjoy complicated espresso drinks available with whip, foam, caramel, chai tea, or whatever else. But sometimes all you want is the basics—like a single small cup of Italian espresso. Your all-in-one platform is the same way: you can choose between seeing all the data at once, or focus on the one stat that is the most important.

With an intuitive and finely crafted user interface, the right all-in-one platform can fit whichever preference suits you best. Distill all your campaigns into one chart that answers a single question. Or put different datasets next to each other to compare and look for trends. With a clean and easy-to-use display, either way, you’ll save time pouring over numbers and have more time to focus on boosting your ROI.

Jonesing for a fresh approach to supercharging your business productivity? Learn more about Phonexa—the all-in-one marketing platform—by scheduling a consultation with our productivity experts.

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