Spotlight on Calls: Why Is Call Tracking Important?

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2 minute read

This is part of a series looking at the value of inbound calls and call tracking.

Call tracking is important for improving the ROI of your marketing campaigns. Phone calls register a higher conversion rate than website clicks. The former sees a 30 to 50% conversion rate compared to 1 to 2% conversion rate achieved through clicks. From this data, it is clear that businesses should be tracking their calls.

Below are some reasons why call tracking is important, and why call tracking software is so valuable for businesses.

1. Track Your Calls

Are you already tracking app downloads and website click-through rates? Call tracking software can help you do the same for inbound calls.

2. Integrate with Other Marketing Tools

Already using CRM and bid management tools for marketing optimization? Call tracking software can integrate with them seamlessly for even better results.

3. Improve Marketing ROI

Through dynamic number insertion (DNI), you can use multiple call tracking numbers for different campaigns to measure results.

4. Improve Service Delivery

In most service industries, including healthcare, insurance, home services, legal services, real estate, and others, inbound calls are critical. Players in these industries need to track calls to improve service delivery.

5. Use Local Numbers

Most prospects get turned off by businesses that use toll-free numbers. With call tracking software, you can use local numbers for geo-targeted marketing campaigns. This way, prospective customers will see local numbers depending on their location.

6. Get Customer-Service Insights

Call tracking software can record conversations between leads and customer service staff. From the recordings, you can come up with ways to improve customer service.

7. Reach Prospects at the Right Time

Call tracking software provides marketing reports segmented by the time of day. From the information you get, you can tweak your campaigns for the best ROI.

8. Improve SEO

Call tracking records your customers’ journey to your landing pages, including the keywords they typed. You can split test the landing pages, and based on the data uncovered, get information that would be useful for search engine optimization.

9. Salvage Lost Leads

Call tracking software can provide information about prospects that didn’t buy. You can listen to the recorded calls of lost leads and attempt to recover them by:

  • Calling the customer back to fulfill their needs
  • Training your sales team to improve customer satisfaction

10. Get Insight on the Average Call Duration

The average call time can provide useful insights. For instance, a long call that doesn’t result in a sale may suggest that the customer was seeking information about your services via a call. If this is the case, you can make the information available on your website.

11. Measure the Success of Your Marketing Department

While calls are important for any business, most companies fail to track them. If there is a grey area in your marketing strategy, you won’t effectively determine your success. Call tracking software will help you measure the impact of calls on your bottom line.

12. Richer Call Data and Reports

Call tracking software can provide information such as:

  • The caller’s number
  • Their location
  • The call duration
  • The content they viewed on your site

You can use this data to drive your marketing strategies.

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