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Call Tracking and Distribution

How to Drive More Calls with Call Logic
Did you know that calls convert 10-15 times more than web leads? Find out how you can drive more call traffic for your business!
4 minute read
3 Signs You Need Call Tracking
If you’ve experienced any of these red flags, it’s time to get call tracking.
4 minute read
Phonexa Launches Call Logic Platform
Phonexa has officially announced its call logic platform with this press release!
5 minute read
B2B Call Tracking: How It Helps
Calling Tracking has a direct impact on your business by providing you with key information.
6 minute read

Phonexa’s Ping Post 2.0 delivers 376% ROI to Enterprise

Real-time call bidding and lead acquisitions that generate robust ROI. Download the e-book below to learn more.

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Call Log Software and Call Analytics
We’re analyzing the difference between a call log software and call analytics.
2 minute read
What is a Call Routing Software?
There are two important decisions you will make regarding your phone system and we’re helping you make the right decision!
22 minute read
Call Accounting Software Features
We’re helping you understand call accounting softwares by focusing on some of its key features.
3 minute read

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