Armen Karaoghlanian

Armen Karaoghlanian is the Chief Marketing Officer of Phonexa. He is a member of the CMO Council and has been featured on Complex, Fast Company, and Business Insider.

What Is an IVR and Why Does Your Business Need It?
This much is certain: not all IVRs are created equal.
22 minute read
6 Tricks That Will Boost Your Email Campaign Conversion Rate
Here are 6 strategies that will boost your email campaign conversion rate.
4 minute read
Call Tracking: Good vs. Great
Don’t settle for less. Know the differences between a good and a great call tracking software.
4 minute read
How to Increase Customer Retention Rates with Voice Response
What’s better than speaking directly with an agent? Getting your issues resolved immediately.
4 minute read
The Top 6 Upcoming Conferences of 2017
These upcoming conferences are on our radar. Which ones do you plan on attending?
4 minute read
Opportunities for Mobile Marketing
We’ve designed an infographic that highlights just how big mobile has become!
3 minute read
How Mad Men Can Better Help Us Understand Call Tracking
What can we learn about call tracking from Mad Men?
5 minute read
Voice Analytics
Can your call center really benefit from voice analytics?
3 minute read
B2B Call Tracking: How It Helps
Calling Tracking has a direct impact on your business by providing you with key information.
6 minute read
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