5 Reasons Why Your PPC Ads Need a Call Option

Thanks to the smartphone, calls aren’t going anywhere—especially when it comes to ecommerce. Nearly 60% of searches now come from mobile devices.

The brilliant interweaving of mobile and internet enables digital marketers to capitalize on phone calls like never before. Click-to-call is a useful call option adopted by hundreds of B2C giants like Walmart, Target, Facebook and Yelp. It takes convenience to a whole new level for mobile users because it eliminates the need for dialing. Callers can simply tap on the number on the screen and get connected with the business in seconds.

It’s no wonder why 70% of mobile searchers prefer click-to-call, and 94% of consumers expect brands to offer click-to-call on search results. A whopping 94%! There’s no doubt that immediate call options are paramount to boosting customer satisfaction ratings. If you’re still on the fence about including a call option on your digital ads, perhaps these five reasons will help seal the deal.

Click-to-Call Reason #1: Calls Convert!

Calls are worth the investment. A study revealed that calls convert 10-15 times more than web leads, which means that if you’re not feeling the urgency to install a call option, you’re missing out on some serious conversions! The reason why calls convert so much more than web leads is because they involve personal interaction. Anthropomorphized IVRs that mimic natural human interaction allow for a better call experience. Because of this personal interaction, the customer is made to feel more invested in the product and is more likely to convert than if he or she were to be using an online form. Which brings us to our next point…

Click-to-Call Reason #2: Customers Don’t Like Forms

Customers not only expect companies to have call options, but the majority of them prefer that the call option to be click-to-call. What’s more, 47% of searchers reported feeling “frustrated or annoyed” and “more likely to explore other brands” when they were not able to directly call the business. All of these powerful statistics point at one thing: customers don’t like forms. Forms have served their purpose in the past, but it’s clear that we’re in the age of calls now. Calls connect the customers directly with the source, and the most intuitive call experiences even include self-servicing options. With a more convenient option available, customers won’t settle for businesses that deny the option of click-to-call.

Click-to-Call Reason #3: The Audience is Going Mobile

We’ve mentioned before that leads are going mobile. This means that more than half the people using Google are searching on their phones. Why not use this same platform to connect your customers to your business? Incorporate the search platform into your customer journey. This doesn’t just apply to PPC ads, but also to your mobile apps, mobile landing pages and websites, and even Google Adwords. Explore all the options that come with mobile marketing and boost your digital ads with a direct call option.

Click-to-Call Reason #4: Bridge the Online-to-Offline Gap

Chances are, customers are still making calls to your business even if you aren’t currently offering click-to-call on your different online platforms. Since the calls are coming in anyway, why not make the customer journey smoother and more efficient by offering click-to-call? Click-to-call doesn’t just benefit the consumer; it also increases your ROI and helps you to track the customer journey. If a consumer clicks on one of your direct call options, you’ll know which advertisement prompted the call, which keywords were the most effective, and how to optimize your future advertisements to pull in more calls.

Click-to-Call Reason #5: Convenience is Top Priority

Convenience is the ultimate key to conquering the digital market. We’ve witnessed how, time and time again, great inventions become completely forgotten once something newer and more convenient is released. A great example of this is the phone industry. Nokia was the king of the mobile industry when mobile first became popular. Then, the Motorola flip phones stole the market because of their unique functionality and faster texting features. Of course, when Apple released the first iPhone, it created a brand new paradigm shift in the mobile industry because they figured out the heart of technology: convenience. Everything that the primal flip phones and Nokia wanted to do with texting and imaging were perfected by the iPhone. They didn’t beat around the bush; they changed the game.

If your business is looking to make history, start by investing in direct call options. In this age of advanced technology, only the most intuitive and convenient designs will have a chance at the spotlight.

If you haven’t already,  schedule a consultation with us and we’ll show you an inside look at what makes Phonexa’s Call Logic platform unlike any other call platform you’ve seen before!

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