Harvest the Benefits of Inbound Call Tracking

Mark Kosin
3 minute read
Mark Kosin
3 minute read

Nothing announces the arrival of fall quite like a fresh influx of apples, squash, sweet potatoes, and other kinds of autumnal produce to your local farmer’s market. It’s a time of year that encourages us to tailor diets to the seasonal cycle of available fruits and vegetables. In fact, there are many benefits to seasonal food preparation: food is less expensive when it is harvested in season, it also usually means fewer chemicals and less transit. Plus, shorter journeys lead to better tasting food. Just as you can eat healthier by sticking with seasonal produce, so too you can improve your business “diet” with inbound call tracking software.

Call tracking software offers a number of advantages for businesses who want to handle an abundance of calls without sacrificing the quality of their customer service. Inbound call tracking can make your business healthier by optimizing incoming calls and improving your ROI. We offer some tips below showing how you can harvest the benefits of call tracking.


Handle More Calls with Inbound Call Tracking

One of the clearest benefits of call tracking software is that it allows you to handle more calls regardless of the time of day or number of representatives available. The best call tracking software will utilize Interactive Voice Response as a way to greet callers, gather relevant information, and effectively queue and transfer calls to the correct representative.

Powered by AI, Interactive Voice Response (or IVR) acts as the gatekeeper for your calls—ensuring each new caller feels attended to while your representative’s complete interactions with consumers. This helps tremendously with retention, as even short hold times can spurn a caller to disconnect. With IVR you can avoid freezing out callers and losing customers like crops to an early frost. Inbound call tracking ensures you get the highest possible yield of conversions.


Inbound Call Tracking Gives You Detailed Caller Profiles

Few things nourish a business quite like knowledge about its customers, which is exactly why call analytics can be so incredibly valuable. With call analytics, you’ll know what times a call came in, how long it lasted, who called, where they were calling from, and more.

These analytics become instantly uploaded to your call tracking software platform, where they join other data sets from your campaign. By utilizing an all-in-one platform, you’re able to get an incredibly detailed vision of who is responding to your marketing campaigns. This can go a long way when it comes to optimizing your campaign for the best ROI.


Improve Customer Service with Inbound Call Tracking

Much the way a farmer will tend to their crops all summer to ensure a fruitful harvest, so too should businesses cultivate their customers to earn repeat business. Maintaining a high level of customer service is critical to this end. With call tracking software, you can easily develop superior customer service thanks to call recording.

With call recording, business are able to digitally access records of past calls. These interactions between customers and representatives are a golden opportunity for businesses to get a first-person perspective on how consumers engage with their product. These recordings also give insight into how your customer service representatives are performing, allowing past calls to function as teachable moments or all-star examples to use in training. By studying and refining your customer service interactions, you can all but guarantee that your patrons will come back for more.


Inbound Call Tracking Can Yield Great Customer Reviews

Thanks to call tracking features like IVR, call analytics, and call recording, you will be able to take your customer service to a new level. Plus, the all-in-one platform of call tracking software lets you track the customer journey like never before. You get a comprehensive look at all the ways you’ve been able to connect with your customer before they answered your call-to-action.

With such great insights into your customers, you’ll be better suited to ask them for a review. You’ll know which customers are more likely to respond to an email survey and which ones you can call for a survey over the phone. Use digital messages through E-Delivery to gently remind customers to tell you about their experience. These reviews can be used to bring in more customers, thus repeating a cycle of business that will yield a very healthy bottom line.

To learn more about how you can harvest the benefits of call tracking software and our all-in-one marketing platform, reach out to schedule a consultation with our experts today.

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