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Business Consulting Services: We Build For Your Success

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Phonexa’s multifaceted approach to business consulting and professional services serves as steadfast support to clients starting at the design process and remains through execution. Through thorough discovery where unique insights are gathered, our teams’ skillset and targeted delivery is combined with deep analysis and ultimately optimizes future growth.

Our Process

We provide strategic direction in our marketing efforts that surpass our competitors. With over 30 years of combined digital marketing experience, our team is ready to help drive your business forward.


Before starting any project, Phonexa conducts comprehensive market research to gather both qualitative and quantitative data. From a comprehensive industry analysis to in-depth company interviews that outline who you are trying to reach, your target audience and distribution strategy are ultimately determined.


In order to make any sort of data-driven decision, analysis and advanced interpretation about the past, present, and future of a market is key to finding characteristics of your existing and potential customers. To leverage those strategic insights for your brand’s growth, we will not only uncover your target market, but help you understand everything from customer loyalty to brand awareness, and more.


A comprehensive outlook is then refined into a digital strategy. After gathering the facts, Phonexa will innovate a custom model that fits your company’s brand.

We Build For Your Success

Our passion to leverage technology that empowers every business is at the core of everything we do. We have applied our simple approach and all-in-one solutions to many different industries, verticals, and software companies. At Phonexa, we not only can get you on the fast path but create a custom solution if one does not already exist. Your digital transformation starts with us, and the newer, freer initiatives that were previously stalled due to limited, time, and or budget constraints.

Our Expertise

We provide strategic direction in our marketing efforts that surpasses our competitors. With over 30 years of combined digital marketing experience, our team is at the ready to help drive your business forward.

Digital Marketing

Our demand generation teams deploy digital marketing strategies aimed at generating more inbound leads and web traffic for your professional services brand. Building a bridge between your audience and messaging, our lead generation experts know how to drive measurable business results. Some of our demand generation tactics for B2B & B2C professional services brands include:

• Paid advertising to drive users to download valuable content resources and assets
• Content optimization strategies and tactics build around sound A/B testing processes
• Search engine optimization (SEO) to generate more inbound organic leads
• Improve re-engagement, follow-up cycles, modals, emails, and SMS marketing

Creative and strategic content marketing

Brand awareness while delivering a pipeline full of sales qualified leads should always be supported by innovative creative assets. From copywriting to motion graphic design, creative assets developed by our team drive real results for your business.

Data Integration & Tracking

Tracking data from multiple digital platforms can easily become time consuming and confusing. We are able to combine data from all of your digital marketing channels, including data from CRMs and marketing automation platforms. These highly customized reports give you ability to gain a holistic understanding of your brand’s growth and the ROI of your marketing efforts.

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