Entice, Enable, and Enrich Your Customers

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4 minute read

Why is it that recognizable brands like Louis Vuitton and Apple quickly capture the hearts and minds of consumers, whereas other brands spend millions of dollars on marketing and rarely achieve such a loyal customer commitment? The answer lies in what they sell.

If we take a closer look at these major brands, it’s not the immediate product that they’re selling. iPhones aren’t sold by the millions each year simply because they offer wildly different updates from previous ones (think iPhones 6, 6s, and 7—let’s be real). They continue to sell at unsurmountable rates because they are selling the promise of a certain lifestyle. They appeal to the consumers’ imagination of the Self.

Are we getting a little too deep? Let’s break this down: people will be a lot more prone to buy something consistently and develop an emotional attachment to the brand if they believe that the product will help them achieve their aesthetic needs, functional needs, and even spiritual needs. You’re not selling a product, you’re selling a lifestyle.

This rule could be applied to all industries, but very few actually take advantage of the lifestyle marketing technique. Here, we’ll give you tips on how to entice, enable, and enrich your consumers by incorporating an outstanding call platform to your marketing efforts. If you follow these tips, you’ll likely establish the strong consumer fan base that your company deserves.

Enticing Your Customers

The enticing factor of a product is its appeal to the aesthetic needs of the consumer. Let’s take, for example, the radio industry. If you’ve ever seen a billboard ad of a new radio station, they don’t list their best songs in bullet points even if songs are their main products. Instead, the ads show pictures of the artists that represent their radio station the most. Usually, these artists are all from a similar genre, and the design of the advertisement matches the energy level displayed in the artists’ facial expressions. These billboard ads are enticing their targeted customers by selling very specific aesthetic images. They’re saying, “If you listen to us, you’ll have the same vibes as these artists.” That’s what people are really after.

In your quest to entice targeted customers, be sure to incorporate a thorough call tracking platform with your marketing efforts. All great visual advertisements should include clear contact methods. Get the most out of your callers by implementing an advanced call tracking and call analytics software to track the performance of each advertisement (both online and offline).

Enabling Your Customers

The enabling factor of a product appeals to the functional needs of the consumer. We find that the most successful marketing campaigns for this sector are the ones that promote the self-enabling aspect of the product. Think of luxury brand vehicles. Not only are their advertisements aesthetically enticing, they also show that by having such vehicles, consumers to eventually earn the mate of their dreams. In other words, the enabling factor speaks to what the consumers can accomplish once he or she attains the product.

A great question to ask yourself is this: what else can your product offer to the buyer besides the physical thing itself? Surely, it can’t just end with the product. It should come with a certain promise. For example, Phonexa also offers a fully integrative Lead Management System (LMS SYNC), an accounting platform (Books360), along with advanced call tracking and call analytics. But what we’re promising is a whole different marketing communications experience for our clients. Rather than spending extra money on each of these software elsewhere, we’re offering our clients the chance to redirect their focus on producing more leads while their automated call center platform takes care of everything else. We’re promising the “universal remote control” of all call technologies up to date.

If you’re going to sell a promise, sell a big promise. And then make sure your product can deliver it.

Enrich Your Customers

The enriching factor appeals to the spiritual or personal enrichment needs of the consumer. A great example of this would be Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign. The campaign sells the self-enrichment aspect of lifestyle marketing. They boldly claim that buy purchasing their athletic products, the consumer has already taken one step forward in personal enrichment. Regardless of your industry, search for the self-enriching aspect of your product and highlight it in your multiple channels of advertising.

To further enrich your customers’ experience, pay close attention to how they are treated when they contact your company. Does your IVR accommodate different languages based on caller demographics? Is your hold time minimalized as much as possible? These are all critical aspects to the enriching aspect of the customer experience.

As much as your advertisement enriches, enables, and entices customers at first glance, it is ultimately your treatment of them that will determine whether they stay or leave. Employ a state-of-the-art call platform to keep your new customers enamored with your brand. Phonexa will help you seal deals while you employ these ingenious lifestyle marketing strategies.

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