How Call Logic Boosts Your Customer Call Experience

In the digital age, it’s easy to overlook the importance of phone calls. After all, with social media and live chat, why would anyone still bother calling in to businesses?

Sadly, that’s the kind of mindset that places certain companies at a disadvantage. The reality is that the phone call isn’t going anywhere. In fact, calls are increasing because of digital marketing. The Harvard Business Review found that 57% of inbound calls actually come directly from web leads. Each time a person visits your website and expresses interest in your product, he or she is more likely to contact you through the phone than through other communication methods. BIA/Kelsey predicts that mobile search will drive about 169 billion calls to businesses by 2020. If the phone call is on the rise, then you need to be on the right side of history. Here’s how Phonexa’s Call Logic can bring your company to the top of the industry.

State-of-the-Art Voice Recognition

According to a study recorded in The Art and Business of Speech Recognition by Blade Kotelly, callers respond the most positively to voice automations that mimic natural human speech. When a voice is too robotic or doesn’t exhibit machine learning, it makes the conversation feel extremely impersonal. With natural human speech, callers feel more at ease and are able to carry on a more fluent and enjoyable conversation.

This is where Phonexa’s proprietary IVR and our advanced voice recognition, VoicePLUS, come into play. These features work together seamlessly to deliver an excellent first impression on behalf of your company. More often than not, the automated voice is the first direct interaction that callers make with businesses. This means that there’s a chance the phone call can end before the caller even gets to speak with a representative. The difference between a closed sale and a lost customer lies in how well the IVR and voice recognition can perform in all aspects: user-friendliness, voice quality, language options, and self-service capabilities. Phonexa’s comprehensive voice system exceeds these qualifications. Not only is our revolutionary voice recognition system customizable and easy to manage, it’s also coupled with our advanced call tracking platform to help you track your leads.

The Brilliance of Call Tracking

Call Logic is one of Phonexa’s core platforms, integrated with VoicePLUS, IVR, call analytics and call tracking, and our other special features to deliver a powerful call experience for our clients. Call tracking solves the ultimate customer service problems at their roots. Think of our call tracking platform as a flashlight into the dim road that is marketing. Without a comprehensive call tracking solution, you won’t know where your calls are coming from, which advertisements prompted your calls, how your calls are handled, and who your callers are. These details are crucial to making effective optimizations to your campaigns.

For example, if you employ several marketing strategies at a time, including a billboard display, digital advertisements, and click-to-call, Phonexa’s call tracking will send you the details on:

Which Keywords Prompted Your Calls: Knowing which keywords led to your calls will give you great advantage over your competition. With these insights, you can truly focus your campaigns on specific keywords and drive higher quality leads to your business.

Which Advertisement Prompted Your Calls: Regardless of whether your call leads were driven by digital ads or display ads, call tracking will tell you exactly which advertisement prompted your calls. This is perhaps one of the most direct ways in which call tracking can boost your marketing campaigns.

The Quality of Your Calls: Call tracking gives you insight on the length of your calls, the time in between call transfers, the results of your calls, and which agent/department handled each of your calls.

Customer Demographics: Customer demographics, such as first and last name, geographic location, and phone number, are provided before the call is even picked up. You can acquire additional information through our customizable IVR as well.

Call tracking ultimately changes the way you interact with customers because it gives you the full scope on what works and what doesn’t. Businesses oftentimes rely on trial-and-error to see which of their campaigns work best for their target audience, but this could potentially waste a lot of time and resources. To get the most return on your investment, look into Phonexa’s call tracking to do the inside work for you. We’ll gladly take you through a demo to show you exactly how call tracking will benefit your business, transform your call experience, and save you money in the long run!

Phonexa is the leading all-in-one platform for call tracking, lead distribution, email, marketing, and digital marketing. The Phonexa staff is responsible for authorship of Phonexa blog posts.

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