How Call Tracking Solutions Can Enhance the Marketing Tactics of Digital Agencies

Kira Remy
3 minute read
Kira Remy
3 minute read

The client expectations are often high, and digital agencies must live up to them. More often than not, agencies are expected to outperform even if they tend to deliver optimal results. Naturally, this is the only way for them to stand out. Fortunately for them, call tracking solutions can help with these efforts.

Providing direct evidence that your agency can guarantee a high ROI and reasonable conversion rate is paramount. Tapping into the potential of any launched campaign ultimately justifies the essential marketing role call tracking often plays.

It might be hard to believe that most digital companies tend to invest in paid ads without tracking all driven customer actions or requests. Call tracking, however, allows agencies and their clients to expand their attribution and tracking capabilities.

Focusing on the Agency Growth and Success of Your Clients

It is only natural for agencies to understand the importance of accounting for every lead. Whether your goal is to save the existing clients, land the new ones, or deliver traffic, you should keep in mind that accountability matters. Why is that?

The nature of any digital campaign is highly measurable. Data-based results allow marketers to make more cost-effective decisions, evaluate the campaigns, and justify investments. That is why it is a wise choice for agencies to incorporate a call tracking software and attribute every driven lead in real-time. 

The role of a marketing automation system is to close the gap between offline-based campaigns and other web-based marketing efforts that convert leads into customers.

Through advanced real-time reports, marketing automation for phone calls, and call tracking integration options, agencies can provide transparency, practice accountability, and identify the client’s missed opportunities.

In short, call tracking integration allows marketing agencies to gain valuable insights into behavior patterns, keyword discovery, and an overall customer journey. 

Even if your clients do not have the immediate need for call tracking, it can prove useful if you want to demonstrate your marketing tool kit or the access you have to data.

The Benefits of Integrating Call Tracking for Agencies

While it might seem like phone calls are a thing of the past, they account for massive conversion rates. 

For instance, in the U.S. alone, customers make around 162 billion calls to businesses annually. And around 60% of mobile phone users search for a click-to-call option when attempting to communicate with the company representative. 

So, it is no surprise that multiple ad platforms and agencies expand their tracking and attribution capabilities by adding call tracking solutions. 

Let’s have a closer look at how call tracking services can empower marketing agencies. 

Call tracking can help agencies identify ways of eliminating extra spending on any inefficient or underperforming marketing efforts. It offers multiple integration options and opportunities to ensure a seamless experience. For instance, it can be integrated with CRM or an automation system. 

Likewise, it guarantees an accurate measurement of the campaign performance and the capability to pinpoint the investment-worthy campaigns.  It also can provide insights into the main touchpoints of the customer journey and behavior patterns, guarantees driving quality leads without losing the ability to scale.  based on granular and actionable data.

Naturally, there are numerous advantages for agencies, the principal being its ability to reveal the full picture. Simply put, agencies can analyze data packages in a matter of minutes with the help of self-explanatory reports. This way, they can empower their clients by helping them to focus on the crucial performance metrics.

Call tracking is still establishing itself as a premier solution for both agencies and their clients. 

How Call Tracking Can Help Marketing Agencies Save Revenue

While increasing or saving clients’ ROI is the main task of any marketing agency, keeping your business safe and taking care of its growth is also a matter of great importance. 

So, once again, call tracking comes to the rescue. It can help your agency identify the most profitable marketing channels or discover which keywords drive the most calls or visits. 

Besides, it can come in handy if you want to optimize your budget and manage expectations. With a call tracking solution, you can clearly see the campaigns that underperform and, therefore, need to be optimized or replaced. 

Today, phone calls remain an essential part of the lead generation process filling the gaps in marketing analytics. It allows agencies to offer truly comprehensive marketing services that have real potential to empower their clients. 

Through call tracking solutions, businesses can implement smarter marketing strategies, generate more leads, and make the most of their marketing efforts. So, keep in mind that calls convert more, and ignoring phone call tracking can be a slippery slope for any business.

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