How Call Tracking Transforms the Future of MarTech

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We’ve written before on how Call Logic changes the current marketing-technology landscape, but in this article, we will analyze the current progression of where mar-tech is heading and explain how call tracking is quickly transforming the direction of marketing technology as we know it.

What is Marketing Technology?

First of all, before we dive into any strict analyses on the industry, it’s important to define exactly what it is. Marketing technology is defined by Docurated as “the tools and platforms used by sales and marketing organizations to effectively complete their duties.” There is a vast array of marketing technologies, ranging from digital marketing tools to social media and client management systems. The sheer volume of tools in this field makes it a difficult space to compete in, but the best technologies always manage to rise to the top. To give you an idea of how many different types of marketing technologies there are, here is a few of the primary marketing technology tools by monitoring and analytics tools, marketing automation tools, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, tag management tools, data management platforms (DMP), and content delivery networks (CDN).

With all of these different marketing tools in mind, it can be a whirlwind trying to figure out which ones you need on an ongoing basis and which ones can be forgone during your particular stage in marketing. The best marketing technology tools are the ones that will drive your business forward rather than backward. There’s no doubt that we’re living in the digital age, with the smartphone reigning supreme over any other internet-connecting device. This means that as much as people are using the web for everyday browsing and product research, they are most likely using their phones at the same time. The solution, then, is simple.

Call Tracking and the Future of Marketing Technology

Of all the marketing technologies that will be the most beneficial to your business, opt for an advanced call tracking and analytics software. We already know for sure that the phone call is becoming more and more valuable to both consumers and businesses alike, since smartphones are so widely used to fulfill a plethora of needs. The future of marketing technology is going to be shaped by how people interact with their smartphones, and many companies are already capitalizing on this major paradigm shift. The average consumer is already exposed to thousands of display advertisements, social media ads and other forms of online marketing on a daily basis. It would be a shame to miss out on this large profit margin, regardless of the industry that you are in.

Call tracking and analytics helps to position your business at the forefront of mar-tech because it tracks your call details and helps you to improve your digital campaigns. Even more so, it enhances your internal customer service department by sending you performance analytics of each agent, department, and call. Here’s why you should invest in a premier call tracking and analytics software:

Relevant Call Details: The details of your calls will be presented neatly on exportable tables and charts so you’ll have full visual representations of the quality of your leads. Details such as the amount of calls your caller has made in the past, the sources that prompted their calls, the quality of customer care, and sales results will all be mapped out in a user-friendly management interface for your convenience.

Personalized Phone Conversations: Call tracking helps improve customer service in that it automates the personal touch. Don’t believe us? Imagine having a system that automatically routes your callers to the appropriate store location/department/agent based on their location and demographic. The friction of call transfers will be eliminated and your calls will flow smoother than ever.

Accurate ROI Attribution: As we briefly mentioned above, ROI attribution modeling is pertinent to making accurate marketing optimizations. If you don’t know which campaigns are the most effective, you wouldn’t know how to best distribute your budget on the next campaign. Call tracking solves this problem by matching your calls to the marketing sources that generated those calls.

To get a glimpse inside Phonexa’s proprietary call tracking and analytics feature today, schedule a consultation with us! We will be more than glad to show you how our platform can improve your campaigns and increase your profitability.

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