Mobile App Capabilities in Home Services Can Be a Game Changer

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6 minute read

Did you know that Phonexa is the only turnkey solution for calls, leads, clicks, and email marketing that has a mobile app?

Yes, you read that right. None of our competition has a mobile app. Take a quick break and check the app store in case you need to fact check that.

Ever since Phonexa’s inception in 2016, we’ve realized that home services affiliate programs who subscribe to our all-in-one suite of products do so to provide immediate value to their customers, most of which are purchasing leads from our clients because they are looking to leverage the use of a mobile app.

This statement cannot be any more true than for the home products and services industry, which is comprised of hard-working people in industries such as solar, construction, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and more. The workplace is more digital than ever before nowadays, and the same can be said for increasingly growing, tech-savvy tradesmen.

Here is the crux of the situation. Home improvement affiliate agencies want to sell leads. They have a bevy of buyers who have filters to either buy or reject leads.

Affiliate networks, direct advertisers, and marketing agencies may have negotiated large conglomerates on their ping trees, but they also have independent contractors to tend to.

They’re already depending on Phonexa’s all-in-one suite for their distribution. This creates a surplus of leads and volume.

Affiliate services, meanwhile, are trying to figure out what buyers can find to sell the leads to increase revenue.

Most of the time the answer directs them to independent contractors.

How To Sell Leads

Home Services Affiliate Programs Can Enable Contractors With A Mobile Solution

We’ve learned throughout the years that independent contractors make up a significant portion of the lead buying business model. That said, an affiliate marketer is going to want to be armed with a platform that can allow them to reach that market and add value to the home services industry.

Much like contractors make paydirt with their toolbox, they need to be armed with a tool in a mobile app if they’re in the market of purchasing leads because speed to contact is as important for them as is the ability to sell their services, and their skills.

In a report by Bugsnag titled “The Rise of B2B Mobile Applications”, “70% of all B2B queries were expected to be on a smartphone in 2020, and the demand for B2B apps is expected to drive the market to $140 billion by 2023.”

The study explained that “B2B customers and prospects are consumers themselves and therefore expect high-quality engagement. If a B2B app provides a personalized and optimized customer experience, customers are more likely to be loyal to that brand and make repeat purchases — similar to the behavior of consumers.”

The proof is in the pudding that a mobile app increases customer engagement and retention.

Speed To Contact Via Mobile Is Key For Leads In Home Services Industry

The adage “the early bird gets the worm” rings true for the home services industry professionals who are purchasing leads. Oftentimes, the first one who takes a crack at the prize, wins the shot to earn money. Whoever gets the call first shows that they’re on the ball and an extra layer of professionalism and trust ensues with their potential prospect.

You hear a lot of horror stories in the home services industries of transactions that were amissi due to a lack of trust and bad experiences. Contractors can evade any such issues per sale by leveraging an app and promoting their own unique brand and professionalism, especially with Phonexa’s white label solution.

Let me bring in some examples to perhaps paint a better picture for you to understand why a mobile app makes a massive difference.

Home service pros are always on the go and mobile to begin with. They could be working on a job site, and on top of a roof. They could be driving to a location to offer their next quote. They could be purchasing materials with their vendors. They could be in the middle of a one-hour meeting, or simply be taking a break.

Once a home services industry professional and independent contractor is armed with their log-in credentials for the app, they can see all of the leads that are materializing in real time.

They can review lead data, analytics, and reports on their phones or tablets, just like they would on a desktop.

Home service pros are always looking toward keeping bandwidth at a healthy level and accept the next project. Once they are ready for new business, they can purchase campaigns based on the right filters and criterias such as zip code, schedule and pricing by simply going into the app, identifying where their leads are coming from, and establishing communication with them right away.

Because of the vast pool of competition, it’s critical for online businesses to have speed to contact.

Mobile App Creates Scenario Where Everyone Leaves Happy

In alternative flows of the lead journey, campaigns for larger companies perhaps could only service select states.

Let’s say I search in Google for the “number one solar company in California.” There is a sizable solar company already bidding on those keywords and they come up first. If a form is filled outside of their zip code filter, the lead can still be monetized elsewhere with an independent contractor, and the company can take a cut.

Conversely, agencies could be getting leads outside of the scopes of the zip codes that were warranted. Thus, a healthy balance and flow is required to reach independent contractors, who are more prone to buy leads at static prices.

If you go to Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor and you fill out one of their general forms, the affiliate network will send that lead to five different contractors who can fulfill a bid. Because it’s a multi-distributed lead, time is of the essence, and a fast turnaround time is necessary to schedule a follow-up.

The benefit of a shared lead for a contractor, for example, is that they can negotiate at a $5 per lead purchase, and the affiliate marketing agency can sell it tenfold rather than exclusively for a much higher price. It ends up being a win-win, and a mobile app is the key differentiator to execute exquisite timing and close the consumer journey.

The best affiliate programs prefer shared leads and a competitive playing field in order to distribute the leads properly, and create dynamic bidding processes with different models with the ultimate goal of monetization, marketing optimization and revenue increase.

At the end of the day, this model at least allows for a lead to come in and find a journey so it can be bought, and that someone can work it.

It leaves all of the stakeholders happy, and the consumer is pleased because they can immediately consider multiple bids by leveraging their buying power against interested contractors with the intent of playing the field versus each other for the best available quote.

“The Rise of B2B Mobile Applications” report I referenced earlier also outlines the following:

“More and more businesses are leveraging mobile apps to streamline business functions, support global operations, simplify communications, and increase employee productivity. Given that expectations around B2B apps are becoming increasingly similar to that of B2C apps, businesses risk significant downsides if they run crash-prone apps. Of course, with high risk comes high reward, and B2B mobile apps have the ability to drive a company toward tremendous success.”

An app becomes the conduit for the contractor to communicate with the consumer. A lot of our clients love the fact that they could help their customers reach an audience and add value with the app — a cycle they wouldn’t have had if they were using a competitor.

The app affords a contractor a chance to capitalize on immediacy with a prospective client. It also increases their lead’s conversion rate probabilities in order to sell their product or service.

But most importantly, leveraging an app merges the entire ecosystem together for a efficient, harmonious and competitive transaction

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