The Top Benefits of a Hosted PBX

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4 minute read

The Cloud PBX, also known as the hosted IP PBX, marks the industry’s highly-anticipated shift towards cloud technology. The hosted PBX replaces the old, clunky hardware that takes up office space and drains businesses of revenue due to its hefty maintenance fees and costly downtimes. The hosted PBX promises that clients will no longer need to host their own phone system, but enjoy the incredible benefits of this scalable and customizable cloud software regardless of their office size and business industry.

There are numerous benefits to making the switch to hosted PBX. Here are some of the best selling points of this technology:

Benefit #1 of a Hosted PBX: Scalability

The hosted PBX is perfect for companies that need the flexibility to grow. Since business owners no longer need to house their own PBX equipment, they are not obligated to stay in one location. Companies that have offices around the nation can benefit from the hosted PBX’s scalability, since all setups are done through the cloud. This means that you can add or edit employees as you please without calling in for assistance. Adding users is just one small aspect of scalability, but it’s a significant one. If you’re planning to grow your company, it doesn’t make sense to call in for support each time you need to make small changes. You need an intuitive system that can support your expansion and business ventures. As long as there is a connection to the cloud, you can work on the road, at home, or even in a different state. Wherever you go, the system and its features will remain accessible to you.

Benefit #2 of a Hosted PBX: Simplicity

The saying goes, “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t know it well enough.” This is especially true when it comes to technology. As we’ve witnessed throughout the years, new and advanced inventions are not bigger and bulkier than the last; it’s always slimmer, smaller, and simpler to manage. With the hosted PBX, you’ll find it much easier to run your calls than ever before. The hosted PBX is meant to help businesses operate more independently, so it is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Self-service is a given for the hosted PBX system, which is great news for any business owner who wants more freedom to expand, reevaluate, or reform his or her business flow. The simplicity of the hosted PBX is complemented by its enhanced features. Alas, the best phone system is one that’s both user-friendly and advanced.

Benefit #3 of a Hosted PBX: Customizability

One of the core focuses of the hosted PBX is self-service customizability. As mentioned before, this is what separates the hosted PBX from the older, on-site PBX systems. The approved administrators are able to access a user-friendly dashboard from any internet-connecting device, which they can easily use to add or edit employees, track call performances, change the IVR questionnaire, and so much more. Imagine making these changes from your own phone while you’re on the road. This is a massive improvement from having to call in technicians for every little change (and paying for the manual labor)!

Benefit #4 of a Hosted PBX: Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is definitely a high selling point for the hosted PBX. It isn’t just user-friendly, advanced, and scalable; it also costs less to set up and maintain than the traditional PBX system. The latter requires a rather large initial investment to purchase and set up all of the on-premise servers and equipment. If there are any features you want to have, you’re more pressured to get it installed during the initial setup to avoid maintenance fees in the future. With the hosted PBX, your provider is responsible for the system maintenance because the servers are on their end, not yours. If there’s ever a problem with your system that you can’t resolve on your own, all it takes is one phone call and your provider will take care of it for you with no extra fees involved. As a cherry on top, there usually aren’t any setup fees required, either, since there’s no manual server installation involved!

Benefit #5 of a Hosted PBX: Reliability

If you’re running a business with a million minutes’ worth of calls each month, you can’t afford to have any down time. If a traditional PBX system goes down and you have to wait several hours for the technician to come, that will potentially cost you thousands of dollars in deficit and handfuls of bad customer service reviews. Down time is simply not an option in today’s past-pace society. The hosted PBX solves this problem by offering multiple levels of failover to ensure that internet connectivity, natural disasters, and other unforeseen circumstances won’t affect the phone system.

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