How to Unlock Data Secrets with Call Tracking

Mark Kosin
4 minute read
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Mark Kosin
4 minute read

The Growing Importance of Data in Call Tracking

Just how valuable is data? This is a question currently being debated by businesses and technology firms while companies continue to gather volumes of information from consumers.

In fact, recent discussions have centered on whether producing data should be seen as a quantifiably valuable commodity such as labor, with a Stanford study examining whether data collectors should be paying for the data that consumers naturally generate. The study prompted an Economist article that wondered just how data may be monetized in the future, perhaps even turning digital consumers into “data laborers.”

As the market price tag of data is debated, there’s little doubt that getting more information about your customers is a tremendous, if not necessary, asset.

Rather than pay extra for data, call-tracking software platforms like Phonexa can help you unlock a number of data insights while you run your campaign. By gaining a greater understanding of target customer groups, you can build smarter campaigns and get a better ROI.

Here are our preferred methods for unlocking data secrets.

How Call Tracking Provides Vital Caller Data

When you use call tracking software, all incoming calls come with a robust data set. Once a call is made, your company instantly knows the time and date the call was made as well as the name and location of the caller.

These data points can immediately be useful in telling you more about your campaign such as when peak hours for calling may be or which regions are responding to your marketing message.

What Call Tracking Reveals About Your Calls?

It can be frustrating to view call logs and see that multiple calls were rejected but with no further information. With call tracking software, you’ll have better insight as to why calls didn’t go through. You’ll know if a caller failed to interact with the Interactive Voice Response or if they hung up before talking to a representative.

Additionally, Phonexa call tracking software comes with Call Recording—an advanced system that records calls to a secure cloud destination. With select taped calls, you’ll know exactly how your call representatives are interacting with callers, allowing you to improve your customer service performance. Recordings can also give vital insight into the enthusiasm or concerns that customers have surrounding your offers.

Mapping the Customer Journey with Call Tracking

Not every customer sees an ad for your company and dials the number right away. Many customers will do research and circle back to your company, or interact with advertisements or content in multiple ways. Call tracking technology delivers data on the multiple touchpoints that led to a customer calling you; also known as the customer journey.

Insight into the customer journey can be invaluable to marketers. Every pathway that a customer took to dialing you up becomes a data point in gaining a broader understanding of your marketing campaign. You’ll be able to see the different emails, blog posts, or paid search ads that customers interacted with before making the call. This can be especially valuable when it comes to any content that may not lead directly to calls but increases awareness and produces a call eventually.

Using Call Analytics to Maximize Your Call Tracking ROI

Collecting volumes of data is great, but information is only useful with the proper method to make sense of it all. That’s where Call Analytics comes in.

By utilizing Call Analytics, you’ll be able to see all the call intelligence data gathered from a campaign in one place. This information is easily accessed via an intuitive interface that can give you granular detail on each call while making sure you don’t miss the forest for the trees. With an all-in-one platform like Phonexa, you can view email reporting from the E-Delivery platform and digital leads from our Lead Management System, providing you with a truly top-level perspective on your campaigns.

Simplifying Third-Party Integration in Call Tracking Campaigns

Most businesses depend on a wide variety of tools to successfully generate leads and drive calls. That’s why call tracking by Phonexa offers free third-party integration. Platforms like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Salesforce each bring their own data sets that you’ll want to analyze alongside your call tracking campaign data.

Call tracking by Phonexa ensures that any API integration happens seamlessly and with zero charge to businesses so that they can keep their focus on collecting data and optimizing campaigns. Utilizing free and easy third-party integration unlocks valuable information from in-house or third-party partners.

Data is a prized commodity of the digital age. While it may one day cost more to acquire consumer data, right now you can unearth invaluable information from your customers through call tracking software.

To learn more about the data-harnessing power of Phonexa’s call tracking platform, schedule a consultation with our team of experts today.

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