Why Call Tracking Strategies Require All-In-One Marketing Solutions

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4 minute read

Alexander Graham Bell, Elisha Gray and Antonio Meucci are three of the chief principles credited for pioneering the practical use of a telephone.

Although email and SMS may beg to differ, the art of the phone call is still as mission critical and essential as ever nearly 150 years later after its invention.

For marketing purposes, the phone call can still remain king for campaigns and strategic executions if it’s complemented with a call analytics software that extracts and presents conclusive data for executives to make focused and informed marketing decisions.

That’s why we reinvented how marketers build strategies around calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, and accounting by unveiling an unprecedented, all-in-one suite of products that are each engineered to converge and boost business for brands across a diverse mix of verticals.

In short, our call tracking platform Call Logic lets you define the customer journey and provides a clear picture of your customers’ inbound calling behavior by letting you know where your calls are coming from, all while allowing you to trace them.

If you’re running a multi-dimensional campaign that invites potential customers to dial phone numbers off of TV commercials, social media collateral, web pages, digital banners, billboards, or even bus stop benches, employing a call tracking software becomes mission critical to analyze your marketing efforts and ROI.

Brands that use trackable phone numbers are privy to the web pages, keywords and ads that caused the consumer to call, and thus, helping complete the digital marketing journey.

Call tracking and paid search strategies also mostly go hand-in-hand because each page can have its own unique phone number. A call can be tied back to your PPC strategy, which can also be tracked cohesively with Google Analytics to show where the conversions are coming from.

Here is just a small sample of insights that can be gathered with a top of the line call tracking solution: caller’s name, location, phone number, device used, day, time and duration of the call, as well as the channel, campaign, advertisement, keyword, or web page that helped drive the call.

What good is your marketing if you can’t identify and attribute a call back to any of the aforementioned subsets?

Call tracking softwares and marketing analytics technology eliminates the guessing game and allows you to tweak and allocate marketing spend appropriately.

The best call analytics platform will allow you to review reports, identify trends and fix flaws along in the funnel to simplify the complexities of call data to scale your customer satisfaction ratings.


Don’t Get Hung Up On Only Calls For Your Marketing Strategy

Consistently boosting business is the name of the game for any brand, and although call tracking is a very viable vertical on its own, it doesn’t have to equate to a be-all and end-all approach.

It could be powerful alone, but it’s better when grouped with other solutions. There are layers to the proverbial onion that is a phone call which can be further peeled.

Complementing a cloud-based call tracking software with virtual phone systems like Cloud PBX, lead tracking and distribution like LMS SYNC, click tracking with Lynx, email and SMS marketing with E-Delivery and suppression list management with Opt-Intel, all the way down to automated accounting with Books360 should serve as a very sound strategy for your call tracking plans.

If you’re looking for the best call analytics software on the market, look for it to provide an all-in-one turnkey solution that arms you with a 360-degree suite of services.

Ideally, the platform should be replete with predictive data modeling that portrays probable outcomes for optimized distribution on your calls.

Enhancing the caller experience with an interactive voice response (IVR) and automatic call distributor allows for you to effectively manage your incoming calls with data-driven automatic call routing. In turn, it distributes calls based on caller IVR responses and agent availability. With the right filters and settings, high-quality leads can be given priority.

You should also look for a white label platform that gives you free customization options. In order for your business to stand out from the pack, you need to drive brand awareness, and a white label approach only solidifies and expedites those efforts.

Most importantly, for whatever all-in-one call tracking software service you employ, be sure that it integrates seamlessly with your already existing systems, and that it comes equipped with 24/7 support and a dedicated customer success team so technical issues or any outstanding questions are handled in a timely manner.

End-to-end call tracking tools are only as good as their complete parts.

A well-oiled marketing engine should allow for you to convert and capitalize on your call campaigns and drive a better call experience for your customers.

To learn more about Phonexa’s all-in-one solutions, or to schedule a demo, please contact sales@phonexa.com.

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