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We’ve written before on how to improve your customer acquisition strategy with call tracking, but this time, we’ll dive more into detail about how you can use call tracking to directly influence your prospects and turn them into clients.

The whole process of winning over new customers is extremely delicate, which is exactly why companies are continually on the hunt for better strategies, technical support and tools to help them become more successful in this endeavor. Any hiccups in the acquisition process can potentially turn customers away, so companies need to ensure that they leave a clean, smooth and seamless first impression with their prospective clients.

One foolproof way to create a seamless first impression is to invest in a solid call tracking system. Call tracking takes the guesswork out of managing your customer experience, ensuring that all your marketing channels will be optimized for maximum impact. If you’re ready to start revamping your customer experience with call tracking, keep reading.

Call Tracking Caters to Your Callers’ Needs

Simply put, call tracking knows what your audience wants and it can deliver it seamlessly. The key to winning more loyal customers is to consistently fulfill their needs. Many companies fail to achieve this because it’s nearly impossible to maintain true consistency in customer service when the entire customer journey is handled by human agents. This means dealing with human mistakes, personalities, good days and bad days, and a million other factors that can be mitigated with an automated machine. Call tracking delivers a consistent customer experience by tracking your caller details and rerouting those calls to the appropriate agents, departments, or locations. Where the calls go will depend on your filters and preferences. If your business reaches out to a diverse audience, call tracking can automatically service the calls according to caller demographic. For example, if call tracking picks up the fact that a caller might be bilingual, it will present multi-language options for a smoother call experience. This kind of customer service will not only impress your callers but also earn you a better brand image over time.

Call tracking Works Efficiently

If there’s one thing that we can all appreciate, it’s efficiency. For consumers, there’s nothing more satisfying than calling in and getting their issues resolved quickly. Companies also benefit from this efficiency because the happier customers become, the more sales will boom; not to mention, saving time also means saving tons of money in the long haul. Call automation is now part of our everyday lives. We are all consumers at an individual level, which means that we encounter call automations on a regular basis ourselves. With that said, not all call automations are equal. Some are a definite pain to use – and plenty of skits, movies, and shows have portrayed the inefficiency of those call technologies in a way most of us can relate to. Phonexa’s call tracking is the future of call automation because it solves all of the previous problems posed by such software: it’s fast, intuitive, user-friendly, customizable, gets smarter over time, and doesn’t require any hardware setup to install.

Call Tracking Keeps You Notified

Staying in the loop is a big part of making effective campaign optimizations while it’s still happening. Call tracking and analytics feature real-time reports, which sends you up-to-the-minute insights on your current calls and campaign results.

Businesses that don’t bother looking into getting an advanced call tracking software are already missing out on the incredible opportunities that come with this proprietary solution.

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