3 Ways Solar Brands Can Seize Leadgen by Using Automation

Patrick Boyd
VP of Business Development
4 minute read
Patrick Boyd
VP of Business Development
4 minute read

The federal solar tax credit is on its way out, and in less than two years, homeowners will no longer be able to deduct nearly 20% of the cost of their solar energy systems from their federal taxes. To the typical solar business, this means almost nothing, but the smart and proactive business will tackle this as an opportunity to sell more solar packages in a wider geographical compass.

Of course, letting consumers in on the urgency of the matter should be a huge selling point that prompts homeowners to take care of the home project they may have been putting off before the tax legislation expires in 2024.

While there’s a lot I can say about the effect of this legislation, I’ll keep my focus on what I know best – the home services market. In this article, I’ll cover everything solar companies need to know about reaping the benefits of marketing automation for their businesses.

Why Marketing Automation?

Any good marketing technology should do three things: help marketers learn from past campaigns, be transparent about the current state of marketing, and strategize for the future.

How can that be achieved? Luckily for you, Phonexa’s all-in-one platform for automated calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more, puts every aspect of your business marketing in one place, providing you with the tools and functionalities, real-time insights, and scalability, to achieve precisely that.

Now, ahead of ASES Solar 2022 Conference from June 21 to 24, here are a few ways your solar business can benefit from using marketing automation technology.

1. Leverage Calls, Powered By Ping Post Calls 2.0

If you’re running targeted Google Ads for your services with a CTA that prompts consumers to call your business, you know how critical it is to answer a call quickly. But if you’re not backing these calls with tracking technology that secures dynamic functionality, know that you’re losing consumers before they even make it to your sales funnel.

Considering the urgency and that over 40% of callers abandon after waiting too long in the queue, now is the right time to invest in solutions like Call Logic to help you avoid the churn.

Track all aspects of your call from the source to the conversion and beyond to gain detailed insights about which aspects of your call campaigns work and which don’t. And when you get leads that don’t fit your criteria, take advantage of Ping Post Calls 2.0 to streamline selling leads by allowing simultaneous pings to high-intent buyers.

As a result, you’ll convert the leads that fall into your criteria, or you can sell the ones that your company cannot service to the highest bidder.

2. Creating Revenue Streams Via IVR

Knowing when to say goodbye to an underqualified lead should always be an easy call, and with Phonexa’s responsive IVR system, you can automate that vetting process within seconds.

Let’s say a call lead has already shown you their high intent in buying your product, but the lead doesn’t quite fit well into your target audience, be it due to the customer’s financial background, deal size, or geographic location.

Phonexa allows users to retain or re-route these leads through automated filters and IVR blocks that can ping the caller’s information to first and third-party databases to find out more about them.

With that, you’re being methodical about your lead generation efforts by vetting only the best leads for your business. Then you’re monetizing on the lead data that you don’t deem suitable for your business type. It’s a double-win!

3. Mobile-Friendly For The Win

Let’s consider this factoid – nearly 75% of solar consumers conduct their business via mobile devices. About 41% of customer journeys begin on an e-care platform before switching to traditional channels.

The next logical step here is a phone call. When your advertisements, landing pages, and offerings are designed and optimized for mobile, you’re increasing the likelihood of consumer calls and conversions. A user-friendly mobile experience will streamline the customer call journey and make these callers a part of that average 30 to 50% of consumers that convert after a phone conversation.

Improve your mobile experience with the following:

Final Thoughts

The solar industry has varying challenges and sensitivities, but one thing that constantly evolves and improves this process is automation technology. That’s why investing in a platform that covers all aspects of your business is the right place to start.

When choosing your platform, remember that implementing the above strategies will generate a steady stream of new revenue for each campaign, helping you set efficient budgets and meet your ultimate conversion goals.

Be efficient, and always keep the urgency of speed to contact at the forefront of all your marketing decision-making for your solar company’s business and leadgen strategy.

Schedule a consultation if you’d like to learn more about how Phonexa can power the marketing automation efforts for your solar company. 

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Patrick Boyd
VP of Business Development
Patrick Boyd is VP of Business Development for Phonexa.
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