8 Industries That Should Take Advantage of Call Tracking Services

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4 minute read

Effective allocation of resources and marketing budget is impossible without call tracking software

Many businesses ignore the need to optimize active paid search campaigns. What they fail to recognize is that inbound calls have a direct bearing on their revenue. That is why they end up losing the conversions generated by phone calls. 

And while no business wants to lose potential opportunities, around 20% of leads are never followed up by sales representatives. What does it mean for marketers? In a nutshell, it means lost opportunities with revenue remaining only one phone call away. 

Linking Marketing Efforts With Call Industries

So, why are human interaction and business calls vital to the success of any company?

There are numerous reasons for customers to choose human interaction over other communication options. According to Pega Research Report, more than 60% of customers prefer communicating with company representatives over the phone. It has to do with an interdependence they see between having human interaction and receiving a positive outcome.

Calling companies is a common approach for customers when they encounter problems, wish to receive more information on the product, or require assistance. For sales and support teams, inbound calls present an opportunity to convert leads and retain core customers. And that is where call tracking companies come in.

Call tracking and analytics allow companies to allocate their marketing budget more efficiently and use advanced call metrics to prepare the ground for running successful lead gen campaigns. 

One of the main pros of using call tracking software is the high-quality data it provides. That is why call tracking for startups is just as important as attracting investment. 

Call conversions, which can be tracked by businesses, help them acknowledge the value of the calls generated by their ad campaigns. Without efficient call tracking and access to granular data, companies are likely to be in the dark about a particular landing page, keywords, or ad campaigns that drive a significant portion of inbound calls.

Understanding how to make the most of their prospects is essential for any business. That is why following a call tracking guide can help your company optimize its marketing efforts and enhance overall performance.

Businesses of every stripe can track calls and acknowledge the added value of using call tracking software. These are the industries that can benefit the most from it.

#1. Insurance 

If a company can account for every incoming call, it can take its marketing activities to another level.

The ultimate reason for insurance providers to use call tracking is ROI. The stronger the demand, the better the chances for agents to increase the number of underwritten policies. 

In this case, call tracking gives insurance providers carte blanche to drive high-quality traffic, improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, and strike more deals. 

#2. Home Services

As an evergreen industry, it requires regular communication with customers. 

The appointments are mainly booked over the phone. Therefore, home service providers need to utilize accurate campaign attribution, call routing, and traffic breakdown.

#3. Healthcare

Health services represent another timeless industry. And while the importance of call tracking is undoubtful in this case, there are industry-specific peculiarities that are relevant to the selection of tracking software. 

Health service providers should choose the software with caution. It has to do with sensitive personal information the clients provide, data attribution, and data encryption.

#4. Travel

It might not be the most popular industry at this stage due to the pandemic restrictions, but travel is not likely to disappear. 

Today, when the industry is undergoing crucial changes, customers need to make sure that everything will go as planned. 

That is why phone calls remain an essential part of the sales funnel, and call tracking is extensively used to attribute calls to push notifications, presentations, and other marketing activities.

#5. Real Estate

Recent events have caused many people to consider relocating or upgrading to a bigger home. This bodes positively for the real estate market. 

In this case, call tracking is particularly useful for gathering valuable demographic data that real estate agents can put to good use. 

#6. Education

Every educational facility strives to increase its national and global standing. And call tracking is one of the efficient ways to keep all the marketing efforts in sync.

Understanding how well campaigns are performing is crucial because educational institutions can spare no effort but have to account for every dollar spent.

#7. Digital Marketing

When it comes to SaaS, there are multiple engagement and contact points with other companies resulting in sales. The same is true of digital marketing agencies. 

In this case, phone calls are also an essential part of the sales process. That is why call tracking is a perfect choice for digital companies looking to nurture leads and provide a personalized experience to their customers.

#8. Automotive

That is another excellent example of the industry directly dependent on face-to-face or over-the-phone communication with customers. 

Incoming calls represent selling opportunities, and therefore, such features as call tracking and routing can work wonders for agents and car dealers.

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