The Best and Affordable Call Tracking Software for Startups

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According to a survey conducted by Ascend, 35% of businesses indicate that the lack of quality data is their biggest challenge to lead generation. Moreover, CSO Insight reports that 42% of sales representatives feel they have very little data on a customer before they make a call. The lack of customer data can be solved with the use of call tracking software for startups.

The challenge of quality data is even worse for small businesses and startups. These players have limited time, money, and human capital, making it almost impossible for them to have data that will improve their marketing ROI.

Get Quality Data with Call Tracking Software

Here is what the call tracking software can do for startups.

1. Generate Reliable Customer Data

Call tracking is one of the best ways through which new businesses can generate quality data. Today, customers are making more calls to businesses than ever before. Smartphones calls to business are expected to reach 162 billion by 2019. Moreover, calls convert better than website leads.

Call tracking software can help to track your SEO calls and generate reliable customer data that you can use to improve your sales.

2. Determine the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Campaigns

Call tracking and analytics software can generate insightful reports for your PPC campaigns. For instance, through the software, you can track PPC calls and also determine the keywords that most callers are typing to find your business. With this information, you can optimize your PPC campaigns to ensure the content is in line with your prospects’ needs.

3. Improve Your Return on Investment

Call tracking software can map out your visitors’ journey, from the time they clicked your page to when they called. With this information, you can analyze every stage of your marketing campaigns to reduce the friction to conversion and improve the overall ROI of your startup.

4. Integration with Other Applications

You can integrate your call tracking software with other business applications to maximize productivity. For instance, you can integrate the software with your email automation solution. From there, the email marketing solution can be configured to send customers notifications related to product purchases.

5. Better Management of Your Sales Team

Call tracking allows you to record calls, which you can then analyze to see how your sales team is interacting with customers. From the information you get, you can train the team members to improve their customer service skills.

Moreover, you can replay past customer requests and use the data to improve customer service.

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Useful Features of Call Tracking Software for Startups

Not all call tracking software is created equally. If you are looking for the best software for your startup, choose one with the features below:

1. Analytics

The software should have call analytics feature to keep track of your callers’ on-page behavior and provide meaningful data that will help you make informed decisions about your new business.

2. Detailed Tracking

The call tracking solution should be able to track keywords, ads, viewed pages, and call duration among other types of data. The software should also keep track of the caller’s journey from the first click to conversion.

3. Automation and Integration

The software should be able to automate to other CRM processes or should include other platforms such as a lead management system, an email marketing platform, and an integrated accounting system. The software should provide a seamless onboarding experience to keep your customers engaged.

4. Predictive Modeling

Choose call tracking and sales call analytics software that provides a visual model analysis of your call leads. This model should comprise of detailed data and insights that you can use to predict customers’ behavior and needs.

Are you a startup looking to harness the power of call tracking? Get Phonexa. This powerful and affordable all-in-one cloud-based marketing platform includes call tracking and analytics software, a lead management system, email marketing software, and accounting software. All these provide the insights and data you need to make more informed business decisions and increase your marketing ROI

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