Are Your Call Analytics Detailed Enough?

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3 minute read

If you’re going to pay for call analytics, you’d might as well get the best analytics in the market. There is no use in receiving analytics that provide little to no relevant details on your inbound and outbound calls. The key to succeeding in almost any modern industry is to invest in an advanced call platform that will give you the detailed behavioral insights you’ll need to make effective improvements in your campaigns. In this article, we will list the top insights that every great call analytics platform should provide. You can run your current platform against this list to ensure that you have the best call analytics in the industry. If it fails to have three or more of these insights, it’s time you make the switch to a better call analytics platform.

The Best Call Analytics Platform Analyzes Your Inbound Traffic

You need a call analytics platform that’s designed for advertisement-driven calls. If your inbound traffic isn’t getting analyzed and scored according to their call results and quality of customer service, then it might be the time to find a more intuitive call platform. Your inbound call traffic matters, so why not try to gain as much insight as you can into these valuable calls? The best way to ensure better customer campaigns is to apply relevant changes to your customer care strategies, and the right call analytics will tell you exactly what changes you need to make. From the moment your customer makes the call, you should already be provided with information on his or her first and last name, location, phone number, and call history. That’s only the basics. We suggest that you aim for a call analytics platform that will provide you with deeper insights into each of your calls, including detailed caller information and marketing analytics. We’ll elaborate on these points below.

The Best Call Analytics Platform Gives Detailed Caller Information

Detailed caller information, such as the caller’s first and last name, geographic location, phone number, and call history are all extremely helpful for better customer retention strategies. Even basic call analytics platforms should provide these top four caller details. However, you shouldn’t settle for just that. Caller demographics can be retrieved through other means, such as through the IVR questionnaire and call tracking. Detailed call analytics is basically the result of having a competent call tracking software installed in your system. You can segment your calls based on caller history, ethnic backgrounds, sex, age group, date of calls, time of calls, length of calls, and purpose of calls. These deeper insights are powerful tools to have if you want to improve your inbound call campaigns.

The Best Call Analytics Platform Gives Strong Marketing Insights

Strong marketing insights depend heavily on the call analytics platform that you choose to use. The adequate call analytics system should be able to match your incoming calls to the correct marketing attribute that generated the call, whether it was an offline or online advertisement. This is also known as ROI attribution modeling; something marketers and business owners like you often do during the campaign evaluation process. Knowing which campaigns drew in the most calls could mean the difference between wasting your budget on ineffective campaigns and capitalizing on your strongest advertisements for even higher conversions.

The Best Call Analytics Platform Goes the Extra Mile

The right call analytics platform wouldn’t stop there. With each important update that your campaign generates, you can get notified through email or get it pinged directly to your phone with Phonexa’s call analytics. Stay up to date with all the latest happenings in your advertisement campaigns with our platform, which goes above and beyond for the sake of your business growth. You can easily create comparison reports for your customers and vendors through our system, as well as customize filters based on real data for reviewing purposes.

Phonexa enables companies to go above and beyond what is expected. Schedule a consultation with us today to see how we can help improve your marketing strategies with advanced call analytics.

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