How to Find the Best Call Tracking Software for Your Business

Few things in business can be as daunting as making a largescale SAAS decision for your company. Nor is anything as impactful. As business writer Peter Drucker is quoted as saying: “Wherever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.

Decisions regarding an upgrade to a new software system have significant consequences for your employees, your company, and your bottom line. It can be difficult to parse through the sales pitches and endless online reviews. You have to keep in mind how a new software system will allow you to scale for growth or handle the new requirements of an ever-changing marketplace.

Such is the challenge with appraising the many call tracking software options available. Perhaps your business is just getting off the ground and this is your first major software integration, or maybe you’re well-established and learning that your current software is not meeting your needs. Regardless, the best way to go about selecting the ideal call tracking software for your company is to ask a series of questions and determine which SAAS platforms provide the best answers. Every business will have its own long list of issues to address, but we have outlined a few critical questions to keep in mind.

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Do You Have a High Volume of Incoming Calls to Coordinate?

Knowing how many incoming calls your business handles on a daily basis is a clear place to start when considering your call tracking software. When sizing up different kinds of call tracking software, it is important to find call tracking software that is going to be able to handle your volume. It should also be scalable and have the ability to grow and adapt along with your business.

Strategies for inbound calls are an important consideration as well. If at six in the morning you’re only going to have twenty call representatives but a surprise surge of sixty calls come in, you’ll need to make sure that your call tracking software can adeptly queue and respond to all incoming calls. That can mean activating an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) option or offering a call back service when wait times are longer than usual.

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Are You Managing Multiple Campaigns?

Most likely, the answer to this question is yes. So the follow-up question is:

which call tracking software is going to be best at helping you manage multiple campaigns?

You’ll have to consider how the basic functionality of the platform will handle twenty, fifty, or two hundred campaigns. You should be able to quickly access the data for any one or all of your campaigns. Or maybe you want to have the ability to turn off all your campaigns for a national holiday. Analyzing how a platform can handle your campaign volume is a critical consideration when looking at different kinds of call tracking software.

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Is Web Lead Generation Part of Your Business?

For many businesses, inbound calls are just one segment of their business. If your campaigns have a web-based lead generation component, that is certainly a consideration when comparing your call tracking software options. It may be useful to find a platform with a Lead Management System that can handle campaign filtering, campaign grouping, or cap restrictions.

Campaigns can also require integration with an application programming interface (API). You’ll need to take a close look at how various call tracking software platforms connect with other kinds of software. Some (including Phonexa) will even offer free API integration.

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Does Your Business Require an Email Marketing Platform?

Businesses handling multiple campaigns and generating leads through various methods are often also going to utilize email as an additional marketing channel. As a result, they might require a way to handle commercial emails as part of their campaigns. Email functionality can be a vital component of a call tracking software platform. The ability to create customizable emails that tie into broader campaigns covering inbound calls and web lead generation may prove invaluable.

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Are You Currently Using Multiple Software Services to Run Y our Campaigns?

Some businesses that engage in multiple campaigns through different channels may fall into the trap of using one software to handle each approach. But with the evolution of some call tracking software options, all these different marketing aspects can be handled on one platform.

Companies can incur unnecessary costs by doubling or even tripling up on different kinds of cloud-based software services when a multifaceted platform can handle all of those needs through one intuitive interface. Not only can the use of multiple software platforms mean cutting multiple checks a month to different providers, it can also mean time is wasted by switching between multiple platforms to get an overhead view of your campaign analytics. An all-in-one platform can allow you streamline your workflow while lowering your costs.

Determining which call tracking software is best for your company is not a decision to be taken lightly. With so much on the line, it is worth it to draw up a long list of questions specific to your business and find out which software platform is in the position to help you the most at a competitive rate.

Phonexa has experienced experts available to answer your questions on our all-in-one platform. Begin your research by scheduling a demo with our team today.

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