August 21, 2017

The Current Top Marketing Tools

Have you implemented these tools and strategies into your marketing campaigns?

August 16, 2017

Why Advanced Voice Technology Boosts Your Brand Image

If you want to leave a lasting first impression on your customers, this is how you do it.

August 14, 2017

10 Game-Changing Initiatives to Learn from Elon Musk

If there’s any business advice you should heed to, it’s the advice of the iconic entrepreneur, Elon Musk.

August 10, 2017

Understanding How Call Logging Works

If you’ve ever wondered how call logging works, here’s your answer.

August 7, 2017

Impress Callers with Your IVR

The more your IVR understands your customers, the faster your leads will convert.

July 27, 2017

The New Way to Measure ROI Attribution

With all of the available marketing channels today, what do you use to measure your ROI?

July 19, 2017

Improve Your Email Marketing with Call Logic

Call Logic is the key to improving your next email marketing campaign.

July 17, 2017

What Makes Phonexa Revolutionary for Marketers?

Here’s why customers always get more than they expected from our omnichannel platform.

July 11, 2017

How Voice Technology Contributes to the Future of AI

Find out how voice recognition plays a critical role in the way we will interact with AI in the near future.

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